Monday, 28 October 2013

Treats of the Week - Must be another full moon

This has been a crazy week.  One of those weeks where you just kind of have to shake your head and remind yourself that every day ends at some point - and if you're lucky it ends with a cold beer on a comfortable couch.  I've just been rolling with it though, and things are looking up!  Here's the goods from the past week.

  • Just because I needed another show to watch I've been watching Vanilla Ice Goes Amish on the DIY Network.  I enjoyed his Vanilla Ice Project (he's a contractor now if you weren't aware) and now he's living in Amish country and learning their methods of construction.  It's actually really worth watching - he's very respectful of their process and lifestyle and you can tell he really wants to learn.  Word to your mother.
  • I've been dying to see Blackfish since I first saw the trailer a few months ago, and it was on CNN this week.  It was really good, but good in that awful kind of way that documentaries can often be.  
  • Because of my pizza being late last week, Dominos sent me a coupon for two free lava cakes - my favourite dessert!  Jenn and I put it to good use during a visit this weekend.
  • I got treated to an awesome early birthday dinner of all-you-can-eat sushi, which is always fun.  I love filling in those little sheets and just having food brought to you continuously like you're royalty.
  • Power tools as birthday presents!  Maybe I'll finally finish that dresser one of these days...
  • Vivian and I were fixing the hair of her princesses the other night when she randomly decided that she wanted pony tails too.  She's always had a meltdown when I've tried to put her hair in any kind of pony tail, so this was a big (and adorable) deal!

  • I finally got a new cell phone this week - a Sony Xperia J.  It's okay, nothing too fancy.  I basically only use my phone as an alarm clock and to text anyway.  This was cheap and easy, so hopefully it pans out!
  • Actually going to bed before midnight this week - I am ready for the time change, I've been exhausted lately!
Hope everybody is ready for Halloween!

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