Tuesday, 22 October 2013


**Warning, the following is a rambling and overthought mess.  I apologize in advance**

With Vivian's birthday and Christmas looming only a couple of months in the future (and the pile of presents in the basement slowly growing) I've lately been toying with the idea of a playroom.

I've never really embraced the idea - it always seemed a bit silly to me for a couple of reasons.  One, Vivian has toys in her room, toys in the living room, and toys in the kitchen.  Does she really need a whole playroom when the whole house is kind of a playroom?  And two, would she even use one?  Or would she just be dragging things out to the living room the whole time anyway?

But as she gets older she is playing independently more and more.  She'll play with dolls in her room, or get out her cars in the living room and play quietly by herself.  And as many times as I've rearranged the living room, I've never quite been happy with it because there's constantly a toy to work around.  So would a playroom be worthwhile?

The office is a small room - only about 9'x9'.  I'm not currently doing much work at home, so it wouldn't be devastating to lose the space - plus there's plenty of room in the basement (even if it does remain a bit unfinished).  I do love having a space for a desk, but the office tends to just be a place for everything that doesn't quite have a place anywhere else.  It's awesome having a room that basically just serves as a drop zone, but like I said, I could just as easily set up a place for that in the basement.

It wouldn't be hard, really just a matter of rearranging some furniture.  I just don't know if it would be worth it - at least not at this age.  I mean, it would be a playroom right between her bedroom and the living room.  Is that excessive and ridiculous?  Or is it nice to be able to just close the door on a room full of toys at the end of the day?  Do kids play more independently when they have a designated space?  Or is she just going to be dragging me in there or dragging toys out all the time anyway?

So tell me - do you/did you have a playroom?  Was it worthwhile?  I mean, she's just one kid.  So it isn't like there's stuff everywhere or anything, but I'm curious to hear people's opinions!

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