Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Keeping Your Cards Under Control

The other day my friend Amanda and I were out with the kids and we started talking about wallets.  She'd gotten a new one, but wasn't totally happy with it because it didn't have enough space for all of her cards.  I have been needing a wallet forever (I've had the same one for like 10 years) but haven't found one that I like enough to get it, because there's never enough space for cards.

There has to be a better way!

My solution was finally to take out most of the cards.  I'm one of those people who has a loyalty card for seemingly every store and it gets out of control.  I know there are Apps that can store your card information, but the ones I have tried just frustrated me.  Either they didn't have the card listed, or it was a card with a swipe on it, so it would still have to be handed to someone at some point.  Too hard.

My favourite is when they give you a card and a key fob.  That way you don't have to have a billion cards in your wallet, you can just hand over your keyes.  So I made my own key fob out of the rest - I just punched a hole in them so I could put them all on a binder ring.

Now instead of a bloated, messy wallet I have one little ring of cards that I can keep in a pocket in my purse until I need one.  If I had been smarter I would have found a better location to punch the hole though - I started out punching holes in the upper left corner, but then some of the cards had the magnetic strip so I had to punch it in the middle.  Now they don't all line up neatly, but whatever, I can deal.

I just keep the most frequently used cards in my wallet now.  For me that's the Scene card, Optimum card, Chapters card, and Air Miles.  Of course I have my bank cards and driver's licence and stuff still in the wallet too.  This definitely helps to keep the mess under control though!

My other wallet tip is using those little plastic sleeves that you usually use for your insurance and ownership.  I like to keep one in my wallet - it's perfect since it has two little sections, I like to use one section to hold Vivian's birth certificate, health card, and SIN card.  Then I use the other section for my own birth certificate and health card.  The birth certificate is always a tricky document to hold onto since it's bigger than usual cards.  I also find it handy to have them separate since usually if I need Vivian's health card out I'm trying to keep her under control in a doctor's office or she's sick or something and it's difficult to go digging around for things.

So those are my big wallet tricks, just something to help me stay organized.  I also stay organized by rarely having money in my wallet.  That really frees up the old wallet real estate.

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