Wednesday, 16 October 2013

About those new fall shows...

Now that we've had a few weeks with the new shows, I thought I would check back in and let you know how I'm enjoying all those shows - and which ones have been cut loose.  The axe has already fallen on a couple of shows, so I figured I should get it out there!


Betrayal - I've watched the first episode and wasn't totally wowed.  It's pretty meh so far.  I've got another couple of episodes sitting on the PVR, and while the legal aspect of the show has me somewhat intrigued, I won't necessarily be disappointed if it ends up being cancelled.

Hello Ladies - Pretty much what I was expecting, in a good way!  It's hilarious and awkward and everything Stephen Merchant should always be.


Almost Human - Hasn't started yet

We Are Men - Cancelled after two episodes for pretty obvious reasons.  While the cast was good (Jerry O'Connell, Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub) the whole show was just pretty dated and not-funny.

Sleepy Hollow - A huge surprise for me - I had pretty low expectations going into this one, but I'm loving it now.  It's fun and creepy and goofy - they really hit the right combination with this one.  If you haven't started watching it, it's worth picking up.

Mom - Another big surprise, I definitely didn't expect much from this traditional multi-cam sitcom, but it's actually pretty cute.  It's funny without being over the top and makes for good comfort food-type viewing.

Hostages - This is currently piled up on my PVR.  I tried to watch the first episode one night, but it was too late and I fell asleep.  That's not to say it wasn't good - what I saw definitely seemed good.  This just might end up being a show that I record the entire season and then binge my way through it later.

The Blacklist - When this show was being advertised before the fall season, all the focus was put on James Spader, and rightfully so.  He's definitely the main draw, but what keeps me coming back is Megan Boone, who plays Elizabeth Keen.  She's definitely the Clarice to Spader's Hannibal Lecter - you really root for her and she's interesting enough to keep you invested.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - So far I'm liking the show, but not completely loving it.  I really like that they seem to be taking their time with it and really building it though (a luxury no doubt, because of all the studio support they've had)

Dads - Well, I made it through the pilot episode and cut it loose after that.  It's not often I do that, but I just found the pilot so racist and un-funny, I couldn't tune back in.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Pretty much what I was expecting, the show is starting to really find its feet at this point.  It gets some laughs out of me, but it isn't necessarily what I look forward to on Tuesday nights.

The Goldbergs - I keep expecting this show to just become awful and I'll stop watching it, but there's something that keeps bringing me back.  It's even made me laugh out loud a couple of times, so maybe I'm a fan?

Trophy Wife - I'm really enjoying this show, it's funny and sweet, and that house is fantastic.  I mean, that kitchen alone is killing me.  Michaela Watkins is a total scene stealer - love her.

Lucky 7 - Another one cut after 2 episodes.  I had them both saved, then after I heard it was cancelled I tried to watch the pilot and got bored halfway through.


Back in the Game - Another one that I'm liking, but not loving.  It's cute and James Caan is really entertaining (and how is that man 73 years old?!) so I'll keep up with it.

Super Fun Night - Interesting thing with this show, the first episode they aired was not actually the pilot.  It was meant to be the second episode, which might explain why it felt a little thrown together and didn't give us much exposition.  It was a tough episode to get through, but I thought the second episode that aired (which is actually the third episode of the series) was a huge improvement.  I don't know why they won't just let Rebel Wilson use her real accent, but I'm going to keep watching this for as long as it's on the air.

Ironside - I have all the episodes recorded, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I haven't been hearing very good things about it though, so we'll see what ends up happening with it.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - I thought the pilot episode was really great and set us up for a fun season.  Mixing in the Aladdin characters with the Wonderland characters we know was a really fun idea and keeps it in line with the other Once Upon a Time.  I just wish they would fix Jafar's hair...

The Millers - I barely made it through the pilot episode, but gave it a second shot.  After that though, I was out.  It was just too cliched for me.  I'm sure it could be a perfectly nice show for the right audience, but I'm just not a part of it.

The Crazy Ones - I know a lot of people were concerned about the Robin Williams aspect of this show (myself included), but I'm finding with each passing episode they seem to be using him more and more sparingly, or at least toning him down a bit.  I think the cast is working together really well and is walking the line of zany/sincere pretty well.  Plus, James Wolk is just oh so dreamy.

Sean Saves the World - I gave it two episodes to make me laugh and it failed.  I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't find anything in it that was worth tuning in for again.

Reign - Hasn't started yet

The Michael J. Fox Show - Who doesn't root for Michael J. Fox?  You show me someone who doesn't like Michael J. Fox, and I'll show you an asshole.  You just want the best for him.  I don't think this is a perfect show (I find it really lags in some points) but it's very sweet, and I really hope it gets better.


Dracula - Hasn't started yet

What have you guys been into for the new fall season?

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