Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Very Vivian - Time Flies

When Vivian was brand new, I remember standing in the bathroom, getting her little tub ready for her bath.  I made a mental note of just how small she was - the way she fit right up on my shoulder, and her tiny little bum fit right in the palm of my hand.  I didn't want to take a picture, I just wanted to make a little memory of just how little she was, because she would never be that teeny tiny again.

Now when I carry her on my shoulder, it's more like this.

Her legs feel so long - she takes up my whole torso now instead of just my shoulder.  I need my whole forearm to hold her up instead of just cradling her in the palm of my hand.  She seems like such a giant, even though she's still so little.

It's hard to believe that even in this picture, she'll never be that little again.  Although hopefully she'll get better at not putting her shirt on backwards.

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