Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Very Vivian - Changing Seasons

 Kids are jerks.  Sometimes kids are jerks in such special and wonderful ways that you don't even realize that they're going to be a jerk about it until it's happening and then you're at a loss for how to solve it.  One of the ways in which Vivian is a jerk is with seasonal changes.

We're currently having quite the difficulty adjusting to a fall wardrobe.  I've hidden away the tank tops and shorts and dresses, but I still get the "My no pants" and "My no socks" protests.  It's been fun, especially on these 3 degree mornings that we've had.

Then it gets even more difficult when it warms up again for a couple of days and she gets used to those lighter clothes again.

For the time being my strategy has been layers, layers, layers.  Vivian loves wearing dresses, so instead of the cute, light summery dresses I've swapped in some long-sleeved dresses from Old Navy.  Then when it's really cool out I get to try and wrestle her into a pair of leggings to go with it.  ("No mommy!  My no pants!")

That way if it warms up in the afternoon she can lose the tights if necessary.  I usually lose the sock battle, and really, I can't say that I blame her.  Socks are the worst.  So are pants, really.  The kid's got a point.

For the time being, she's playing along.  I've even gotten a jacket onto her once or twice.  Of course this will all go to hell when the mittens and boots and snow pants come out.

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