Thursday, 26 September 2013

Organizing books in the least logical way possible

If I'm at your house and there's a bookcase nearby, I will no doubt spend a little too much time standing in front of it checking out your books.  Not necessarily judging, but just looking.  I love seeing what books other people have, and especially love seeing how people organize them.  Are they in alphabetical order?  Dewey decimal?  The oh-so-twee colour order?

My apple crates lend themselves well to organizing - I have all these lovely little cubbies so each one can hold a different category.  I categorize things pretty loosely, but it makes sense to me.  A couple of weeks ago they felt terribly out of order so I spent an evening taking everything out and organizing it all over again.  So I thought it would be fun to take you on a little tour.

(And yes the pictures are all terrible because it's a basement and that's just the way it is so there.)

Starting from the top left side are my comics.  I try to keep them bagged and boarded and like to use those cheap IKEA magazine files to store them.

Next is a Stephen King crate.

Then the mainly Chuck Palahniuk crate.  Chuck Palahniuk is my favourite author, and I'm pretty picky about what books are allowed to be around his.  Craig Clevenger, Amy Hempel, and Will Christopher Baer pass the test.

I also store my DVDs in the crates, so next we have DVDs, and the Harry Potter movies are up there on top.  They're a mix of Blurays and DVDs so I keep them separate.

More DVDs, Blurays, and the last two remaining VHS tapes.  That big black spot there is CD wallets since I ditched all of my CD cases recently.

Okay, next row down has VC Andrews...

...and more VC Andrews.

Followed by our first real mishmosh of a crate.  I have all my Kevin Smith books, mixed with some plays and then kind of society & culture type stuff.

Philosophy, oversized coffee-table type things (I never really understood the concept of a coffee table book.  My coffee table is covered in snacks and flyers), plus a few random "classics" type books.

Here's the other Stephen King crate, below the first one.  It also gets to hang out with my paranormal books.

The first comics crate mostly has books about comics, and then the magazine file has all the really good issues.

Kitty-corner from the Chuck Palahniuk crate is a bunch of other authors that I consider to be in his league.  Douglas Coupland, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Klosterman, Tom Robbins, Mark Z. Danielewski, Christopher Moore, Kurt Vonnegut, and Hugh Gallagher.

Another hodge-podge of fiction and crafty books.

The some TV shows on DVD.  Yes, I have The Hills on DVD.  But only the good seasons before Kristin was on it.

Moving down another row I have the Sookie Stackhouse books, which for some reason I always keep with my Alice Sebold and Agatha Christie books.  I don't know why, they just fit in the crate well together.

Pretty well all Society/Culture whatever books in this one.

Then my old encyclopedias/atlases/dictionaries type things.

One of children's books I've held onto.  Sorry this picture is so bad, but I'm too lazy to do another one.  The highlights are some Encyclopedia Brown, Roald Dahl, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Shel Silverstein, and my John Bellairs books.  Did anyone else read John Bellairs books as a kid?  They are so freaking scary - I have no idea why I was ever encouraged to read them.

You would think that there would be more children's books beside, but it's not.  More graphic novels instead.  They're adjacent to that other crate in the row above.  And I apologize because they are in terrible order.  I need to organize these ones - I just left them where they were when I sorted everything else out.

Next door to that is some spillover graphic novels and comic strip books.  The books of comic strips are always an awkward size so they kind of keep to themselves.

More TV shows on DVD.  I have really considered condensing all of those seasons of Friends into CD wallets, it really drives me crazy how much space they take up.

Okay, bottom row time.  These pictures were really dark and tricky.  To the left are some true crime books and a couple of random kind of reference books.

Then there's the real reference books - dictionaries, old text books that I've held onto, and old French novels from university.

Yeabooks - I have a lot because we got them at Brescia when I was in university too.  And then some kind of classics hodgepodge.  See, my grandma has gotten it into her head that because I like books it means I collect them.  So she's constantly giving me these classics to add to my collection.  It's so sweet and random.

More classics, mostly from Grandma.  She loves giving me those giant compilation books.  They're lovely to have, but you can't really read them since they're so big.

There's the rest of the children's books.  I've got my Bunnicula books in there, and my old copy of Black Beauty, among others.  I love that "Green Fairy Book" there at the top - it was from my grandma when I was a kid too.  I recently found out that there's a whole series of them, each in a different colour so I'm keeping my eye out at thrift stores for more.

I never know where to put my Harry Potter books.  They don't really fit with the children's books or adult books, do they?  So for now they're hanging out with some teen fiction, seems to be a good fit for now.

Another hodge podge - just kind of whatever doesn't fit somewhere else.

And then snuggled up to the TV shows on DVD is my crate of TV books.  Of course this includes Nikki Stafford's Finding LOST series.

And the rest of my TV shows on DVD!  I actually have some more, but they're out on loan at the moment.  I keep considering getting rid of a lot of them, there's so much on Netflix now that it seems silly to have all of these DVDs around.

That's it - I like to keep my books all in one place, I don't really "decorate" with them or anything.  I'd love to hear how you organize your books!

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