Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Come Shopping With Me at the Brydges Street Merchant Market

For years there's been a lovely antique mall just down the way from my work and for some reason I haven't stopped in yet.  I changed that last week though, and thought I would take some pictures to give you an idea of what to expect if you want to check out the Brydges Street Merchant Market!

It's right at Brydges and Highbury in London, and the place is huge.  I could barely get through it all on my lunch break, and that was with just skimming through things.  I thought they were really reasonably priced on most things and had a really wide variety of stuff.  I didn't get anything this time, but there are definitely some things that I have my eye on!

I thought this little bamboo table was pretty darn cute - I've been really drawn to bamboo stuff lately.  This was priced at $75.

These headboards were right by the main entrance - and they're the exact same as these ones that Mandi at Vintage Revivals recently updated!  I think these were $35 for the pair (I did my best to commit the prices to memory, but I might be wrong!)

Penis salt and pepper shakers, anyone?  I think they were $9 for the pair.

This is one of those finds that I just love, but I don't know if I would ever actually get it.  It's a little kid table and chairs set and it was adorable.  It seemed to be in practically perfect condition and was $45 for the set.  I know that my kid would not care at all for all the vintage goodness though, so it would probably just be me trying to perch on those perfect little folding chairs.

There was pink depression glass as far as the eye could see...at least I think it's depression glass, I actually don't know all that much about it.  But it was very pretty!

One booth had a bunch of old copies of Life magazine - most seemed to be in the $8-$15 range a piece.  I thought they would be fun framed in a group to hang in a powder room.

I about died when I saw this chip n' dip set - but I seem to recall it being like $60.  Ouch.

Then I REALLY almost died when I saw this zodiac-themed chip n' dip.  I mean, come on.  It's amazing!  I think it was $30, and it was in the most amazing midcentury awesomeness booth - I was ready to just move in.

This was in the same booth - cute little display shelf/room divider.  I thought it was a little pricey at like $240 though.

My amoeba glasses made an appearance!  And were going for $8 a piece!  These mugs were in much better condition than mine though - lots of gold left on them!

I love love love this floor lamp - $80.  Can't you just see it in Don Draper's swank apartment?

My Canadiana obsession is still going strong, and I fell hard for this framed print.  "The Dominion Shall Be From Sea Unto Sea".  I couldn't find a price on it though, so I'm not even sure if it was for sale.

I loved this little bamboo hall tree - the perfect spot to hang your coat and check your makeup.  It was marked down to $100 (originally $195).

I just had to take a picture of this wardrobe because it was the most massive piece of furniture I have ever seen.  I honestly think you could probably fit at least 20 adults in it.  I have no idea how you would move it (maybe it's in multiple pieces?) but it was a monster.  Didn't see a price on it.

I loved this little dresser!  On clearance - just $95.  Love that diamond mirror.

There was loads of Pyrex in lots of patterns that I haven't seen too often.  The larger pieces seemed to be around $22 and went down from there, so it was pretty reasonably priced compared to other places I've seen.

Etsy goes crazy for old printing trays like these - this one was $42.

One side of the antique mall has all the larger furniture, and a bunch of scratch and dent appliances and mismatched mattresses and stuff.  I couldn't believe this big old piece - it was huge!  At least 7 feet tall and probably like 4 feet deep.

It was clearly in rough shape, but I loved those cup pulls!  At $800 it was definitely an investment.

I always love these little desks - I've seen them called library desks before, and here it was labelled as a crafts desk.  The shelves on the sides would be awesome for storage and they're really solid construction.  I think this one was like $145.

It was a lovely way to kill a lunch break - I'll have to start making it a regular stop!  If you're out in the east end and need somewhere to wander, you should come check it out!


klandoni said...

I stumbled upon this post while I was searching for a place in London where I could find a cheap old mixing bowl, and I quickly decided I needed to check this Brydges Street Market place out. Girrrrrl... I ended up with a mixing bowl, a different zodiac sign chip bowl, and an old wooden chair with a GARGOYLE FACE on it (!!!). This place rules!!

Ashlie Hawkins said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you got some good finds!

Manager said...

From Brydges Street Merchant Market. Thank you for the rave review. It's a lot of fun to work here to (can be dangerous on the budget though). P.S. The appliance place is a seperate business that just happens to have an adjoining door.