Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wild Flamingo Hunting

I tend to get obsessed with things easily.  Every now and then I'll come across something and then spend a significant amount of time obsessing over how it keeps popping up everywhere - clearly a sign that I should have it.

So this time it's flamingos.  Flamingos must be in right now, because I just kept coming across them.  I'd see a blogger post about a flamingo iPhone cover, then I'd see a hat with flamingos on it at Aldo, then I'd come across another blogger with some flamingo print in their house.  (These two blogs definitely helped to push me over the edge.)

So I decided that yes, I need a flamingo somewhere in my life.  But not just any flamingo - the right one.  After checking out Kijiji and spending some time scrounging around my favourite thrift stores to no avail, I started perusing Etsy.  And there I kept seeing the same image over and over again - the Audubon flamingo.

Apparently John James Audubon was a painter and naturalist who created The Birds of America between 1827 and 1839, this amazing work filled with beautiful paintings of every kind of bird you can imagine.  I completely fell in love with his flamingo - the position of it is so much different than you typically see for a flamingo, and the pink is so dark and rich.  I needed it.

Of course there were lots of different vintage options (that is, expensive options) but I went with a cheaper, but still good quality, print from DaVinci Art Prints.  I got a great 13x19 print for a great price (about $13).  Of course then it cost just as much to ship it here.  Totally worth it though - I love it!

I lucked out and it fit in an old IKEA Ribba frame that I already had.  I'd been wanting to switch out the prints in these frames anyway, so it worked out well.  I just need to find the perfect place to hang it now though - for now I just threw it back on the wall in the same place it was before.

And I also have that "These Pretzels are Making me Thirsty"  print that I thought might work in one of the other frames, but not so much.

I loved Vivian's reaction to it - when she saw it she said, "Oh, you paint that mommy?"  She thinks I'm so talented.

Now I kind of want to get more Audubon prints and then maybe hang them all together - I would really like to get one of the hawks, but I can't decide which one.

So that's my new flamingo friend - anyone else have any Audubon prints?  Seriously - do some Googling and check them out, they're so pretty I just can't resist them!

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