Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Very Vivian - The Tomboy Beauty Queen

Vivian's personality has always killed me.  Even when she was a newborn, she just had the biggest personality.  She was never just a little lump, she's always been her own person.  I really do my best to foster all the different aspects that make her so interesting, especially as she gets older.  Right now she can exist in that bubble where she can be whatever she wants - she doesn't think about what's for girls or what's for boys or what someone might think about her, she can just be herself.

So as you might expect, we see a lot of dichotomies with Vivian.  She'll wear superhero shoes with a dress, she'll play with cars and Barbies, all normal Vivian stuff.

But the other night she did something so girlie and hilarious that I had to take a picture.  She's been really into playing with her little beauty salon stuff (and she's been really into big trucks lately - go figure) and the other night she couldn't even bear to be away from it, she had to go to bed with her littler hair straightener, curling iron, blow dryer, and hairbrush.  All tucked in right beside her to go to sleep.  Here she is, carefully applying her play lipstick before drifting off to sleep.

Don't ever change, Vivian.

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