Friday, 30 August 2013

Very Vivian - Hypochondriac

Miss Vivian has never been a good sleeper.  It's something that we're still actively working on.  The idea of her sleeping through the night on a consistent basis is something of a dream of mine.  At the moment a good night is her waking up once or twice and a bad night is three or more times.  A couple of weeks ago she had a night where she was up every hour - she's just a giant newborn sometimes.

But what's funny is the reasons she gives for waking up.  Most of the time she wants more milk or water, but lately I've been getting some different excuses.

"Mommy, my sick."

"Mommy, my need a doctor."

She's becoming quite the little hypochondriac.  During the day there's always some mysterious problem (usually involving an ant "biting" her) and at night she becomes very "sick" and needs to see the doctor immediately.

Lucky for me a little body lotion on the affected area seems to do the trick.  And if I need to pull out the real big guns, there's always a Phineas and Ferb bandaid.

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