Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Very Vivian - Bringing the wild animals to the zoo

Mom and I got brave on the weekend and took the kids out to Greenview Aviaries for a little day trip.  It's a really great sized zoo for kids this age - it's got lots to see, but is small enough that they can run around on their own and you don't have to worry about dragging a stroller around.

The day started out on a good note - everyone was excited to be there and see everything.  So let's start with a picture - first Vivian on the elephant statue...

Awesome!  Now let's try adding Blair and L to the equation...

 And little miss only child freaks at the idea of sharing anything.

Much better.

We watched Madagascar 3 on the drive there (for about the 47,000th time) so it was fun going around the zoo and pointing out "Alex the lion" and "Marty the zebra" to the kids.  They were pretty excited to see Alex so close to them, they kept yelling "Hi Alex!"

 I love seeing zebras up close - I never get tired of it.  They just don't even look real when you get right up to them, they really do look like they've been painted.

Blair was just the sweetest - she's such a little animal lover.  Every animal we encountered would get a sweet little greeting from Blair.  "Oh hi, duckies!"  She was constantly crouched down talking quietly to all the animals while Vivian would be throwing the food and yelling to get their attention.

 Vivian took charge of the map of the park, walking around with her head buried right into it.  She's such a know-it-all, no idea where that came from.

 Vivian also really liked seeing all the birds - especially the eagles.  Of course the kids thought that all the seagulls were part of the zoo, so that was pretty exciting.

Greenview also has a lot of stuff to keep the kids occupied outside of the zoo area, which can be really nice.  Well, it can be if people aren't camped out hogging picnic tables for the entire day.  We literally saw coolers just sitting on empty picnic tables and it staying like that for hours.  It seemed that some people would just put their stuff down to reserve their spot while they wandered around the park, leaving the rest of us to have a little tailgate party.  The kids didn't want to sit and eat anyway, so it was just an adult annoyance.  Being around big groups like that just turns me into a grumpy old many anymore, what can I say.

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