Monday, 26 August 2013

Treats of the Week - Where has August gone?

I'm told this is the last week of August, which is just weird.

  • Batfleck.  The internet exploded at the news that Ben Affleck will be the next actor to don the cowl.  And you know what?  I'm going to say I'm excited.  Because sometimes it's just more fun to be excited about things than to stick your nose in the air and say, "Worst. Casting. Ever."  And Batman and Superman being in the same movie is definitely something to be exciting about.
  • Grilled cheese and ketchup flavoured chips are distinctly not bad.  They are kind of like a milder version of ketchup chips mixed with all dressed.
  • Jenn and I are going to see the powerful Joe Rogan in September AND I CAN'T CONTROL MY VOLUME I'M SO EXCITED!
  • Catching up with my friend Kimberly over burgers and drinks.
  • Going swimming on a hot summer day.
  • Vivian being the naked kid at a birthday party
  • Being able to be there for people that you care about when they're going through a rough time.
  • This dance on SYTYCD.
  • Meeting up with mom for a Costco adventure - with no kids with us!  Definitely a treat!
  • Grilled shrimp and Greek salad - I ripped my only pair of shorts when I was getting dressed on Saturday.  I'm choosing to chalk it up more to the actual age of the shorts than to the fact that I'm a fatty McButterpants, but I've still been trying to eat slightly better in the aftermath.  Grilled shrimp on a Greek salad is my new favourite, followed closely by ice cream sandwiches.  You pick your battles.
  • It was the absolute perfect temperature this morning as I was leaving for work - you couldn't even feel anything, because it was just that perfect mild temperature with just barely a hint of breeze.  Love those cool nights.
  • Getting new books in the mail.

  • FREAKING BREAKING BAD LAST NIGHT.  It was an insane episode - like jaw on the floor every 10 minutes kind of insane awesome.  
  • Starting to paint something new - hopefully will have picture soon!
Have an (ice cream) treat-filled week!

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