Monday, 19 August 2013

Treats of the Week (and one I forgot from last week)

  • One I forgot from last week that can't go unmentioned - I got carded!  Woo!
  • Vivian and I have been doing lots of chalk drawings lately, which is lovely.  Except for some reason she always insists on adding a bum to her pictures of me...rude.

  • I got a nice little package of free samples in the mail.  I've signed up for so many mailing lists and surveys and stuff, every now and again I get freebies in the mail.

  • I got an awesome catch-up hangout night with Jenn so I got to hear all about her amazing European vacation.  I'm so glad that she had such a great trip - and even more glad that I finally got to try some Popeye's Chicken while we had our gab session!  
  • Fresh corn on the cob - I love the maple sweet corn here in Strathroy, it's amazing!  Really good corn on the cob is one of those things that I forget how awesome it is until that first bite.
  • Lunchables keep going on sale for back to school, and there's nothing I like better than a lunchable!
  • I've been catching up on Freaks and Geeks on Netflix, finally.  I missed this one when it was on originally (although I did watch Undeclared and loved it) so I'm really enjoying being able to marathon through it now.  What an awesome show that was just ridiculously well cast.
  • Scored an amazing deal on the season 2 combo pack for GIRLS - price at the front of Future Shop?  $32.99.  Price at the back of Future Shop?  $26.99.  So when it rang up at $32.99, they adjusted the price to the $26.99 one, then did the $10 off thanks to the scanning code of practice.  Can't beat $16.99 for a BluRay combo pack!

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