Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The OMG So Sparkly Bed

After months of having Vivian sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and about six cans of sparkly spray paint, Vivian finally has a real big girl bed.

She's also easily distracted by iPads.

I used Rustoleum spray paint in Brushed Nickel.  I wanted something fun, but decided against anything too bright or wild that she would outgrow too quickly.  My original leaning was to paint the whole thing gold, but that seemed like something that I would immediately regret.  This paint wasn't too silvery, and not too goldy - closer to a champagne colour than some of the other paints and oh so sparkly that I just couldn't resist it.

I mean, who doesn't want a glitter bed?  Hell, I kind of want one now.

Because it's a daybed, it leads to some difficulties when it comes to arranging furniture.  Vivian falls asleep with a TV on, but the foot of this bed is so high that I would have to find something else to put her TV on in order for her to see it, so it's positioned to the side.  But that makes it difficult to put up a bedrail, because that would block the TV.  I honestly wasn't all that worried about her falling out of the bed - I mean, she's slept on the same mattress on the floor for months and only rolled out of it once (on her very first night) so why would she roll out of it now that it's up off the floor?

But, because this bed sits higher up than most, I wanted something in there at least to start.  So because I needed something low I decided to go the classy route by duct taping three pool noodles together and shoving them under her fitted sheet.

She promptly fell out of the bed twice.

I tried to secure the pool noodles a little more with some velcro, but that didn't seem to help.  Then as I was putting her to bed I watched her lean out of the bed to reach the little princess table beside her so she could set her water bottle on it.  I realized that when she was down on the floor she had a little stool to set her drinks on, but now it was out of her reach and that's when she was falling out of the bed - when she was trying to get to the table.

So as a quick fix I stuck my little bookshelf behind her bed so she has a little ledge for her drinks.  Since then, no troubles with her falling out.

It's not the most elegant solution, but it will do until I can get a proper shelf mounted next to her bed or something.

Unfortunately, with all of the shuffling of furniture around she insisted on bringing up a couple of the larger toys from the basement which has made her whole room a little crazy.

There is definitely going to have to be some toy clean-out happening before we get close to her birthday/Christmas.  At least having the bed in there gives us some extra storage space under the bed!

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