Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Exterior paint - or is it?!

You may remember my $5 a gallon (originally $54 a gallon) mistinted paint that I found a little while back.

Turns out that even though I could have sworn I looked it over carefully in the store, it is actually exterior paint.  This fact somehow eluded me even though it's clearly printed at the top of the can there in the orange bar.  I literally didn't even realize this until I was wandering around Lowe's looking for something else and couldn't figure out why this brand of paint was sitting in the exterior paint section.

So I did some online research and came to the conclusion that since it's latex exterior paint, it should be okay.  We're going by the rule of thumb that outdoor stuff can be used inside, but inside stuff can't be used outside - I most commonly apply this rule to Christmas lights.  Had it been oil-based paint, the fumes would have probably been way too overwhelming for inside.

Just to be sure, I did a little test patch on a cupboard door just to live with it for awhile and see if I even liked the colour.  I was concerned that it was a little more greige than grey, but figured what the hell.  For the price of this paint it was worth a shot.  I rationalized that since this paint is made to withstand the elements, surely it's a great option for kitchen cupboards?

So, with a Friday off and a long weekend following it I finally started on the task.  I took the doors off to make things a little easier on myself and to hopefully get some really even coverage.

After the first coat I was hating myself for even starting the project.  This is pretty common of all my projects.

I decided to only tackle the one section of cupboards around the sink - divide and conquer.  So I still have this little bank of cupboards waiting for me for some other weekend when I feel like pulling out the fridge.

I'm happy to say that the paint worked out really well.  It went on really nice and thick and seems to dry to a nice, hard finish.  It's super glossy, so it should be good to wipe off messes and whatnot.  I was totally lazy and only painted the outsides of the cupboards - no way in hell was I taking everything out and painting the insides.  I did both sides of the doors, that's about the best that I can manage.

While I was at it, I realized that my hardware was now a pretty perfect match to the cupboards, which wasn't my favourite look.  So I gave the hardware a quick coat of black spray paint and I'm really happy with the result.

 Not going to lie - per usual, the paint job is far from perfect.  I didn't tape anything off (when do I ever?) and I cannot get it through my head that thin and even coats are the way to go - even if you have to do more of them.  I'm much more in the camp of, "But if I do one really thick coat, then I can be done quicker!" which of course leads to drips and globs everywhere.  But whatever - these are not fancy cupboards.  If I was ever serious about making a change in the kitchen, they would all have to come out anyway.  This was purely to freshen things up and to make use of that sweet deal I got on the paint.  I'm also actually kind of liking how the grey looks with my green walls - I was sure that after painting the cupboards I would want to repaint the walls.  It may still happen at some point, but not immediately or anything.

The best part is how little paint it took - this stuff really stretches.  To do two coats on this section of cabinets took about 1/4 gallon, so I still have loads left over for the other section (remember that I got two gallons of the stuff).  And since it's exterior paint, I may even have to slap a coat on my front door or something, just for the hell of it.

I feel like I've stumbled onto some sort of paint secret here - exterior paint is an awesome option if you're painting cabinets or anything else that needs a really tough coat of paint!  Has anyone else ever used exterior paint on something unusual?

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