Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Concert Tickets on Display!

I've been shuffling things around like crazy lately.  Not sure why - maybe it's the whole feeling of a fresh start that comes with back to school time?  For whatever reason I've been tidying things up, moving things around, and wanting to paint anything I can get my hands on.  So when the old corkboard covered in concert tickets in my office wasn't doing it for me anymore, I thought I would try something different.

I used the frame that I had previously tried to update in this post , but had never really been happy with it.  So this time I thought I'd try giving it a coat of black paint and then just put a new piece of of foam board from the dollar store in and started laying out the concert tickets.  Coincidentally, while I was pondering this particular little project, I noticed on facebook that my friend Nina had done the same thing - so great minds think alike!

I tried to arrange them in a semi-visually pleasing way.  I didn't quite have enough to fill it, but I thought I would rather leave blank space for future tickets rather than fill it in with some sports tickets.  I have all my sports tickets kept aside still, so maybe I'll get another frame and do them up separately.

Until then, I'm kind of liking the patchwork look of this.  I love seeing people's concert tickets, so it makes me happy to have this out where people can see it.  Because really, everyone who comes over definitely wants to see my old ticket stubs from Sum 41 and Bif Naked.

Sorry the pictures are extra-bad - I tried like four times to get decent pictures, and tried in three different rooms and it just wasn't working out.  Instead you are welcome to come over and marvel at it in person.

What do you guys do with old ticket stubs?  Hang em up?  Stick them in a box?  Throw them out and forget it ever happened?  Stupid online ordering is ruining ticket stubs!  I shake my cane at printable tickets!

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