Monday, 22 July 2013

Treats of the Week - On Vacation

I was on vacation last week, which is to say I wasn't at work but didn't necessarily do anything vacation-y.  So one of those staycations that the kids talk about these days, I suppose.  Can someone tell me when a week got to be so short?  Seriously, you can't get anything done in a week.

  • PACIFIC FREAKING RIM - I loved this movie.  Loved, loved, loved it.  It's one of those movies that either you totally buy into the idea, or you don't.  I bought it, 100 percent.  Bring on the Kaiju.  I'm not even joking, there had better be some Pacific Rim action figures under the tree for me at Christmas.  Check out my friend's great review of it here!

  • Much Ado About Nothing - I managed to catch it while it was on at the Hyland and it was just lovely - made even lovelier by the fact that it was a matinee, which always feels just a little bit more indulgent.
  • Vivian slept in until 10:30 a.m. the day after we got back from Santa's Village - thank you, Vivian!
  • Also in Vivian news - she had a re-check with the speech therapist and they said that she's caught up enough that it isn't a concern anymore.  They'll check her again in 3 months, but for now things look good!
  • I've been slowly sifting through all of the tags on my blog posts that you see over there to the right, trying to clean things up and organize things a bit.  It's a pain in the ass, but hopefully it helps readers out!
  • I finally got around to finishing season 2 of Rome, and while I didn't enjoy it quite as much as season 1, it really picked up at the end, especially with all the crazy Mark Antony/Cleopatra stuff.  
  • The heat wave has finally broken - I was never so glad for central air as I was last week.
  • The Royal Baby has arrived - and even better, so has Suri's reaction on her burnbook.
Ugh, I need another week of vacation.  It's too long to wait until Christmas break!

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