Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The annual closet counting post!

After I had Vivian, I quickly realized how many clothes I had that I would never wear again.  Not only because of weight gained and lost, but because your body is just different after.  Things just fit weird, and it sucks.  So instead of holding on to a whole bunch of stuff that would just make me feel bad about myself, I started purging like crazy.  Ever since then I've been gradually downsizing my closet more and more in an effort to get it down to just some core basics that I feel good in and that I can use in different ways.  I'm not trying to say that having less clothes is better - I would love to have a closet just bulging with things that I love to wear!  But this works for me - no muss, no fuss, no tough decisions.

For reference here's last year's post, and the post that started it all.

Starting with the boring stuff...

Tanks/camisoles - 5

My everything clothes - these work as painting clothes, gardening clothes, pajamas, and if I ever got my butt off the couch again they would be workout clothes.
2 pairs of yoga pants cut into shorts/capris
4 sloppy t-shirts

2 oversized hoodies.  In the winter these are basically housecoats.  Note Vivian in the left of the picture, she was standing on the bed and brushing my hair while I took pictures.

Moving on we have the always important cardigan category - 5

Blouse-type things (the word 'blouse' is just awful, btw).  It wasn't the greatest idea to take this picture on a patterned bedspread either, but whatever.  I'm up to 3 with these!

In the same vein, but different picture are what I like to think of as my dressy tank tops - 4

Then the oddballs - 1 lone sweater...

And 1 lone longish sleeved T...

 4 "weekend shirts", i.e., shirts that I can't really wear to work.

My beloved Smart Set shirts - I'm currently sitting at 7, but these rotate in and out pretty quickly.  They're cheap shirts and there's nothing special about them, but they just fit me really well so I always grab them when they're on clearance and just wear them to death.

2 "goodies", hoodies that are good enough to be worn outside of the house.

Not much happening in the bottoms - 1 pair of yoga pants, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts.  I did have that other pair of skinny jeans, but after realizing that I just dreaded putting them on I finally got rid of them.  Whoever decided that a pair of skinny jeans should have NO stretch to them at all should be shot.  So I'm in the market for some new skinny jeans, but for now I'm making out just fine with these options!

Little more action happening in skirt town - after the ass ripping out of that other skirt my count is at 8

And then my sad and lonely pair of winter shorts

I've definitely embraced my love of the striped dress - my current count is at 5

And then 4 other kind of businessy-casual kind of whatever dresses

And 4 dressier dresses

 Of course all of those skirts and dresses need some tights - current collection is sitting at 10, which I think is a pretty meagre stash!

 I've scaled way back on the shoes too - currently 2 pairs of sandals (those Sam & Libby sandals on the right aren't holding up as nicely as I was hoping, which is a shame.)

3 pairs of running shoes, which should really be taken down to 2.  Those brown ones on the left are only a year old, but they didn't wear very well and are already showing signs of falling apart, which is why I got the Converse in the middle.  I'll probably just go with them come fall.

2 pairs of adorable wedges

2 pairs of dressier shoes - I've actually been considering getting rid of those purple ones, the last time I wore them they just killed my feet.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

2 pairs of flats - bare bones, baby.

2 pairs of boots - my awesome multi-functional wedges and flat, tall boots.  I need some boots that will actually keep my feet warm this winter though!

And of course that one pair of crappy shoes that everyone has for cutting the grass and any other dirty jobs.  These particular shoes are from my first year of university - so that would put them at about 12 years old.  They're so terrible - the rubber on the bottoms has like completely broken down to the point that it's all hard and cracked and makes everything super slippery.  If I walk on anything that's the least bit smooth I'm most likely going to fall on my ass.

Coats are pretty much the same - on the left is a windbreaker, then the right is the outer shell of a 3 in 1 jacket, that blob in the middle is the fleece lining from it.  That 3 in 1 really saved me this past spring when our weather was all over the place!

This leather jacket is what I wear most often though - I'll wear this bad boy until it falls apart.  Love this coat.

 Then of course the 1 heavy coat for shovelling and driving in snow storms.  This is also from my first year of university!

And my lovely vintage coat that doesn't currently fit me, but hopefully will soon because I can't bear to get rid of it.

So that's my entire wardrobe.  I have to say - I love writing these posts because it really keeps me under control.  I'm constantly thinking, "Ugh, should I get rid of this?  Do I want this to be in the blog post?  I think I can live without it."  It really keeps me in the whole quality over quantity frame of mind.  I really suggest using this trick if you're trying to downsize your closet - even if you don't have a blog, try just adding up how many clothes you actually have.  Something about seeing the numbers seems to make it easier to part with some items!

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