Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I can't decide - what should I wear to MC this wedding???

What do you do when you're MCing a wedding in a week and you find not one, not two, but three awesome dresses that all are 60% off?  You buy all three and ask the internet for advice, of course!  I found all three dresses at Maurice's and ended up getting all three for $56.  That's after taxes.  They were such amazing deals, I just couldn't leave one behind.  They all are super comfortable too - too good to pass up!  So let me know what you think I should wear to the wedding - it's not a super formal wedding or anything, so I think any one of them would be just fine.

Option 1 - this was the first dress I grabbed.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for polka dots (note the polka dot sheets in the background).  It's one of those dresses that are close-fitting without being tight, so it shows stuff off but is still comfortable to move around in.  This one rang up at $15.99, and I definitely think it's something I could pull off at work too.

It's been super overcast and rainy every time I went to take pictures, so I did as best as I could and then took a picture of just the dress to help.  It looks a little lighter here than it actually is - it's beige and black.

Option 2 - more of the LBD variety.  This one is closer to a T-shirt kind of material - nice and light and soft. What makes it a little different is the lace panels in the sides that help to nip in your waist.  Although I think that the material sits a little awkwardly on me which is what's creating the weird angles on my hips.  Maybe some Spanx would help to even it out?  This one was also $15.99.

Option 3 - almost the same as the polka dot dress, but with a few differences.  This dress is actually a size bigger than option 1.  I was worried that option 1 was fitting a little too closely, but they didn't have a bigger size in the store, so the salesgirl brought me this one instead.  It's the same colours, but has different pleating and gathering on the bust and at the waist.  The belt on this one is different too - you can't really notice it in the picture except for the buckle, but it's a black belt.  This one was also the most expensive since is was only 50% off.  That is until I noticed a teeny-tiny microscopic tear in one of the seams, then the salesgirl happily declared it to be an additional 10% off.  So this one ended up being $17.99

So there you have it - let me have your votes!  Accessories will probably be minimal on all of them, if you need that information.


Anonymous said...

I was brought over to your blog from a blog in the LFP and have been reading for a while but I just felt the need to comment on this post. I absolutely love the polka dot dress - I think it is perfect for a wedding, you look great in it and stands out just enough for an MC.
You have also inspired me to go to Maurices after work to see if I can snag some new dresses too.

ashlie said...

Aww, thank you so much! I hope you find something awesome at Maurice's!