Monday, 17 June 2013

Treats of the Week

  • Summer storms!  Even though it's been cooler and wetter than usual, I haven't minded it one bit.  I love a good thunderstorm, and there's one rolling in as I type this.
  • The annual Kilworth yard sales were this past Saturday!  For anyone who hasn't been, it's a massive town-wide yard sale in quite the hoity-toity neighbourhood.  It's a total zoo, and really fun to check out.  Even though I only walked away with a $1 truck for Vivian, it was a nice day out walking around and getting caught up with friends.  Here's some pictures of the cars lining the street and main highway.  Just a fraction of the people there!

  • I'm too cheap to buy the parking pass for the adjacent lot at my work, so I park in the free lot about a block away.  Not a big deal, just kind of a pain in the ass since I have to jaywalk across Dundas Street every day which can be kind of tricky at times.  However, with all of the lovely construction happening in the fair City of London, one of my coworkers has been detouring through my parking lot and giving me a lift, which I greatly appreciate!
  • I went to see Man of Steel on Friday night and actually really enjoyed it.  The reviews have been mixed, and I will concede that it's far from a perfect movie.  I'm not a big Superman fan, but I really liked the angle that they took with it and thought it was nicely updated.  I really want to see DC be able to produce the kind of movie series that Marvel has done, even though I think they have a much harder battle to get it done.  Check out my friend's blog here, I'm sure his movie review will be up soon!
  • I'm starting to make plans for the summer, mostly just day trip stuff with Vivian.  Nothing too exciting, but I'm really looking forward to being able to take her places this year now that she's at such a good age to do things.
  • My friend Jenn is leaving on a big European vacation in July, so we've been trying to make lots of plans together before she leaves.  This week we managed to see each other 3 days in a row - which is  quite the accomplishment for two busy adults!
  • It was my youngest brother's 17th birthday yesterday.  While I love having a brother and a sister who are close to me in age, there's something so special about having siblings with a big age gap.  I was 13 when Matthew was born (and I have another sister who is 19 years younger than I am) and it's been so amazing to really see him grow up.  With Brent and Courtney we all grew up together, so there's so many things that I forget just by nature of being a kid at the same time.  With Matthew I can remember the first time I held him, watching him learn to walk and slowly become the too-cool-for-school teenager that he is now.  Since I'm quite sure that he and his friends are way too cool to read my silly blog, I think it's safe to say here that I love that kid like crazy, and I'm super proud of him.

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