Monday, 3 June 2013

Treats of the Week

  • Game of Thrones was back in a big way last night - I missed it so much last week, I can't believe there's only one new episode left!  I have only read the first book, but I'm a terrible person so I've read all the wiki articles, so I knew that the Red Wedding was coming.  I had to laugh when my phone started blowing up with texts immediately after the show ended.  My favourite ones?  "Aaaajuswsdbjwwjsw" and "AOMGAAAHysuekedn f"
  • My irises have started to bloom!  My garden isn't much to look at - I just keep throwing things in there and figure as long as it's green I'm not doing too bad.  The irises popping up has made such a difference though!  I like these yellow and purple ones the best.  Sorry the pic is blurry - I was trying to take a picture this morning without seeming like a crazy person out taking pictures of their garden at 6:50 a.m.
  • I go to my mom's pretty much every Sunday for a visit and there's about a million different ways to drive from my place to hers.  Lately I've been taking Sylvan Road all the way from Townsend Line to Bog Line (sorry to the non-locals!) and it's quickly become my favourite.  I've discovered two completely amazing houses on that route - the most perfect A-frame house ever in Sylvan, and a fantastic looking midcentury sloped-roof beauty in Hungry Hollow.  Do you do that?  Take different routes to gawk at houses?  I do.  And last night on my drive home there was an older lady out walking a dog down Sylvan Road and she waved at me.  Didn't know her, she didn't know me, but it was a nice, friendly, country-folk wave and it made me smile.
  • I got my hair cut and coloured while I was at mom's yesterday (ding dong the greys are gone!  At least for a few weeks...) and when it was done Vivian got in my lap, touched my hair and said, "Oh, nice hair!"  Completely adorable - it's still so funny to me to hear her speaking so clearly.
  • My mom has a "fish guy" who comes and sells her fresh fish out of a van.  Seriously.  We had some for dinner yesterday and it was so incredible and fresh!  I could have had a million pieces.  Looking forward to leftovers for dinner tonight.
  • I love impromptu plans that just work out - Jenn and I quickly made plans to see Now You See Me on Thursday night.  It just worked out that it happened to be showing at one theater, even though it didn't technically open until Friday.  And it also happened to be the last day to use the BOGO coupons from the cereal boxes.  Perfect timing!
  • I was supposed to be in court last Friday for a full-day trial, but it managed to get resolved ahead of time.  Which was exciting, since I would have been able to wear jeans on Friday (I hate it when I have court and can't wear my casual Friday jeans!) but then I ended up losing my voice on Thursday and was home sick on Friday.  So good/bad?
  • Do you ever hear about a movie and are dying to see it, but then it ends up being a stupid low-budget indie movie that seems to be impossible to track down?  I've been wanting to see Bachelorette for ages, but couldn't find it anywhere.  I managed to track it down at Target though and it was so worth it!  Super fun movie - I definitely recommend it.
  • Also in the movie-realm (it was actually a pretty busy week for movies!) I saw Fast and Furious 6 and it was everything I'd hoped it would be!

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