Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Roadside Find - Mad Men Style

It was town-wide yard sales in Strathroy a couple of weeks ago, but I was strong and didn't check any out.  I'm holding out for the big show in Kilworth next weekend.  I did take a little cruise through the neighbourhood at one point through, just to see what I could see.  And what did I spy at a sale just down the street from me?  This lovely little loveseat.

But I was good!  I kept on driving by.  I did, however, keep it in the back of my mind in a "gee, I wouldn't be mad if that was sitting out at the curb at the end of the day." 

So when I went for my drive around looking for post-town-wide-yard-sale-curbside-finds time I could barely contain my excitement when I did indeed see it sitting out at the curb!

A quick trip and some helping hands later and this beauty is hanging out in my garage.

(Note the piles of paint on the garage floor from stripping that stupid dresser)

Isn't it cute?  I just love the lines of it, even though it could stand to be cleaned up a bit.  I haven't found any major stains, just a couple of little drips.  I would love to get it reuphostered one day, but for now I'm planning on just spritzing it a few dozen times with a bottle of Febreeze before it comes into the house.

Not sure where to put it yet, but how could I resist having such a Don Draper-esque couch?  Can't you just picture me lounging on it, drinking some rye and smoking while coming up with my next great ad campaign?

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Eleven's Ink said...

wooooooow!! LOVE IT! what a nice find!