Friday, 28 June 2013

Outfit of the Day - Tucking

I do these Outfit of the Day posts of a few different reasons - to encourage myself to put more thought into my appearance, to acknowledge to myself when I look good instead of focusing on the negative, and because sometimes you really need to take a picture of yourself to know how something looks.  Cher was right about many things in Clueless, you can't trust mirrors.  Always trust polaroids - or selfies in your bedroom mirror.  (Also, Cher was totally right that if a young Paul Rudd is your stepbrother, it doesn't even matter if it's icky, you go for it.)

Case in point - the other day I had to work in Brantford.  Brantford court is interesting to me because they don't have to wear robes.  Here I have to/get to wear a robe when I'm in court.  This has pros and cons.  One of the pros is that I can be a little bit sloppier/more casual when I'm in court because I'm just going to throw on a stupid robe.  Also it keeps me warm when the courtroom is freezing and I don't have to worry if my skirt is riding up or something.  But in Brantford, there's no robes so I feel like I need to put in a little bit more effort.  So I threw this together...

And yes, I'm making some weird face because that is like the 12th picture I'd taken and my phone kept fucking up and it was driving me crazy and I just wanted to put my comfy clothes on.

Now in the morning when I got dressed I'd toyed with the idea of tucking in that blouse, but decided against it.  I'm generally against tucking things in for me - because I'm so top-heavy, I always need to elongate my torso, otherwise I end up just looking like a giant boob.  I tucked the top in just to try it out, but decided against it.  Then I got home and took a picture to illustrate for all you fine folks what I thought was going to be a picture of how ridiculous I look with a top tucked in and instead I saw this.

What the hell.  Why did it look so stupid in my bathroom mirror, but now looks kind of awesome?  Because you can't trust mirrors!  Although if this is a picture of a mirror image, does that still apply?  This has all of a sudden turned into a bizarre philosophical argument.

Top - Old Navy
Skirt - Smart Set
Sandals - Sam & Libby for Target

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