Friday, 7 June 2013

Outfit of the Day - Does Size Matter?

I am not a small person.

Never have been, never will be.  Even when I was working out all the time and was quite a bit smaller than I am now, I was still pretty firmly in double digit pants.  I could maybe squeeze into a size 8 if it was a skirt or shorts and therefore didn't really need to fit my thighs.  These days though, I'm usually somewhere between a 12 and a 14 depending on what I'm wearing and who made it.  And that's okay, I really don't care.  I feel pretty good about myself.

So I was wandering around a Smart Set the other day and found this skirt on the clearance rack.  Nothing too special - just a nice black skirt.  It had nice seaming along the sides to curve it and shape it.  And marked down to $14.99 so it seemed like the perfect skirt to wear with pretty much anything, no matter the season.  Only problem?  The only sizes left on the rack were a 4 and a 16.

So I grabbed the 16 and tried it on - worth a shot, right?  And it fit beautifully.

Now here's where I could be vain and say I just couldn't bear to buy something in a 16.  Am I really a size 16?  Should I be worried about it?

But really, I just didn't care.  It fit, I felt good in it, and I felt like I looked good in it.  I didn't care what number was sewn on the inside of the skirt.  A month or so before I tried on a different skirt there in an XL and it was way too big so I had to go with the L and really could have probably even tried a M.  Things change depending on how they're made and designed.  After all, when I took off this skirt in the change room I went back to my size 12 jeans.
And really does the number on your ass matter?  Because to me, it matters a lot more how my ass looks in something.  And I think it looks pretty damn good in my size 16 skirt.

I just had to add this one for Vivian running in the background.  And the flyers by my feet are her "mail".

Cardigan - Old Navy
Top - Maurices
Skirt - Smart Set
Shoes - Old Navy (you can't tell, but they're leopard print.)

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Joan Crawford said...

I have that same cardigan in the same colour. You look fantastic and are working that skirt!