Thursday, 13 June 2013

Goodbye, Stupid Cupboard!

So about this cupboard.  I don't like this cupboard.  It's set off to the side from the rest of the kitchen and doesn't match the rest of the cupboards.

I thought I had a better picture of the whole kitchen, but all I could find was this one from the previous owners.  See the sliver of cupboard in the top right corner?  That's the one I'm talking about.  You know, the cupboard that is on the other side of that little bit of wall.

So yeah, I don't like that cupboard.  It was clearly added later on, which is fine, except that there's a gap between the top of the cupboard and the bulkhead, it's laminate so it may be difficult to paint along with the other cupboards, it's super close to the window so it's hard to have a curtain rod in there, and I just don't really need it.

A few months ago I took off the doors to see if that would help - just to open it up a bit.

Meh, it was okay.  Still not great.  I managed to rearrange my other cupboards enough that I didn't even need this space, so last night I did this.

Yeah...that was interesting.  That gap between the top of the cupboard and the bulkhead turned out to be a lovely spot of paint peeling off in big chunks.

Everything's dry, so I'm not really sure what's going on there.  I feel like maybe at one point someone painted latex paint over melamine paint though?  I don't know.

Oh, and I have these giant holes.

The cupboard itself was really only hung on two big screws into the stud, then four more screws that were just into nothing.  So once I got the ones out of the studs, I literally was able to just pull the whole thing off the wall.  I feel like there's a "that's what she said" in there somewhere.  Too many mentions of "screws" and "studs" and "big ones".

So now I have a lovely little mess to clean up.  We'll see how long that takes.  But this also means that I'm committed to painting the other cupboards!  No idea when I'll be starting that, but the longer I look at them, the more I realize how badly it needs to be done.  And maybe this empty space would be better suited to some open shelves?  What do you think?

Oh, and I also have that under-counter radio/CD player thing sitting around now.  Anyone want it?

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