Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Very Vivian - Summer is Coming

Hmm...doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "Winter is coming", does it?  Somehow I can't picture Ned Stark saying it.  But on this wet and cool day, it's nice to remember the nice hot weather we were having - and will be getting more of soon!

With the nice weather, Vivian's been making a beeline to the backyard when she gets home from daycare.  Once there, she promptly gets naked and/or asks for her bathing suit.

While out in the yard, Mommy usually ends up spending some time with Instagram...

While Vivian takes on the task of washing her toys.

Then it's time for a quick dip.  Don't have the swimming pool set up yet?  No problem!  A water table works just fine!

She just climbs right in and usually plunks herself right down in the water to play.  The kids seem to do the same at my mom's house - bunch of weirdos.

Of course, sometimes the weather isn't quite as nice, so rubber boots may be required.

It's a pretty important task, playing in the water table.  She takes it pretty seriously.

The best part is that it leaves me with lots of time to put my feet up and read while I'm enjoying the sun too.  Maybe there's the occasional beer involved.  I yell out encouraging things to her though, don't worry. 

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