Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Very Vivian - Big Girl Bed Success (at least so far)

You know how sometimes you get a couch and you end up taking away your kid's crib?

No?  Just me?

Well on Sunday my mom and her friend were bringing me a couch.  Never one to turn down free furniture, I was happy to accept the hand-me-down with the plan of putting it in the office since it was a pull-out couch and thought it would be nice to have it in there as a guest bed. However, once it was here, mom talked me into putting it in the living room.  But putting it in the living room meant that there was less room for all of Vivian's toys.  So Vivian's toys got put in her bedroom.  Which meant there wasn't enough room for the crib and the bed.  Something had to give.

So down came the crib.

It was a spur of the moment decision, but it ended up working out.  On Sundays Vivian and I usually go to my mom's for a hangout and dinner before heading home in time for the good Sunday night shows.  Typically, she falls asleep on the ride home, so I figured this was a good night to start with the bed.  I figured she would fall asleep in the car, then I could just put her right in her bed and she would be none the wiser.

First night went well - after about an hour of being in the bed I heard her crying and she had rolled off of the mattress.  So a quick readjustment of some pillows kept her in there much better.  I had to go in a couple of times through the night to settle her down and cuddle with her, but mostly it was a success.  Especially since she ended up sleeping in until 11:00 a.m.  Yes, that's right - my 2 1/2 year old slept in until 11:00 a.m. on a holiday Monday.  It was amazing and terrifying.

So that set us up for night number two - because she had slept in so late, there definitely wasn't going to be a nap.  So by the time 8:00 p.m. rolled around, she was quite ready for bed.  I only had to go in once to switch movies for her (yes, she falls asleep with a TV on) but otherwise she slept through the night!

Here she was on Tuesday morning when I went in to wake her up for daycare.

Passed out with all of her babies and blankets.  And yes, I need to get outlet covers for that outlet - I'm working on it.

I figured that night number three would be the real test - three times is a pattern, right?  Night number three worked out to be a book club night for me, so I took her along with the intention of her falling asleep in the car once again.  She foiled my plan by staying awake for the drive home, and was still bouncing around in her bed at 11:00 p.m.  I had to go in to settle her back down a couple of times, but the amazing thing is that she's always in the bed still.  Even if she's crying, even if she's having a little party, it's still in the bed.  Every single time that I've had to go in there, she's still physically on the bed.  She hasn't tried to open the bedroom door, and she hasn't been playing with the toys in her room as far as I can tell.

So I'm officially calling this a success.  The crib is officially packed away, and it isn't coming back.  I'm sure there will be lots (and lots and lots) of rough nights ahead, but I think we're doing pretty good so far!

Up next is getting rid of the bottle.  Not looking forward to that one.  Then it's potty training.  Then time to learn how to drive, I guess.

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