Monday, 20 May 2013

Treats of the Week

Yay for the long weekend!  Hope you all had a great time!  Here's the bright spots from my week!

  • I finally went to an appointment that I have been waiting for for a year and a half.  
  • Vivian spent the night in her big girl bed, and even though she woke up a few times through the night (nothing unusual there) she slept in until 11 a.m.!  On a holiday Monday!  Hooray!  As I'm typing, she just went to bed so we'll see how tonight goes!
  • Vivian's speaking has gotten so, so, so much better.  While waiting in the emergency room the other day I brushed her hair behind her ear, and then she went on to yell, "Don't touch my hair!" for about two solid minutes.  It was embarrassing and hilarious.
  • I have a teeny, tiny, branch of a lilac plant in the yard.  I love lilacs, and have always wanted to have some of my own.  Well it's not much, but I have one little bloom!

  • I took a load of stuff to Goodwill and another load to a free recycling depot this week, which means that as of this moment there is no pile of stuff to go anywhere.  I'm quite sure that this will be different by next week (constantly purging!) but it feels good to have those piles cleared out!
  • Finishing the book for book club early!  (Wild, by Cheryl Strayed)  Now if only I would read the book for Graphic Novel Group ahead of time too.
  • Drumstick McFlurries.  I saw these last year and thought it would just be peanuts and fudge mixed in, but it's sooooo much better.  It's all little bits of chocolate covered waffle cone and it's amazing.
  • Being lazy on the long weekend.  As much as I love the warmer weather and being outside and all that good stuff, sometimes there's nothing better than being lazy and spending the day inside when you know you should be outside.  It was kind of a busy weekend here, so today was spent inside watching movies in the air conditioning and it was glorious.  Speaking of which...
  • Air conditioning.  I hate that I had to turn it on in May, but it had to be done last night.  I always hold my breath before the air conditioner or furnace comes on for the first time, and thankfully there were no problems this year.  It was so nice to have it on last night, if only to cover up the noise from the fireworks so Vivian could keep snoozing away in that big girl bed!

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