Monday, 6 May 2013

Treats of the Week

It was a busy one this week!

  • McDonalds Dollar Drink Days are back!  I freaking love Dollar Drinks, they make my life.  On a hot summer day, there's nothing better than a nice big liter of (diet) cola to cool off.  
  • The other day I had to stop at a friend's place after work for an errand.  I was waiting at a red light to cross a busy street.  The street I was on was a quieter side street, so the traffic light was one of the ones that activates by a sensor, not a timer.  As I'm sitting at the long red light, a pedestrian crosses in front of me and I mentally willed him to press the pedestrian crossing button, whether he needed it or not, to help the light change for me.  AND HE DID IT.  Just hit the button and kept on walking away. So basically what I'm saying is I've mastered the Jedi mind trick.
  • Pink grapes.  I came across these last year and they are fantastic.  Not too sweet and not too tart, they're delicious little globes of refreshment.  They're not cheap and they seem to have a really short season, but they are totally worth picking up.

  • I was away for a bachelorette party this weekend in Niagara Falls and had a great time.  Not only was this my only vacation of the year, but it was a great chance to just hang out with some awesome ladies.  The weather was perfect, the drinks were cold, everyone got along and made it back in one piece.
  • One of the best parts of the weekend for me was that the bride was really the only other girl there that I'm really close friends with.  You know how that works with events like that, sometimes you end up with kind of a random assortment of people who only have the bride as the common friend denominator.  I knew everyone, but they weren't necessarily people that I hang out with on any kind of a regular basis or anything.  So it was awesome to get to know people a little better and have some new adventures.
  • Of course, as much fun as it was to be away for a weekend, it was pretty nice to have those little arms hugging around my neck again when I got home.
  • Making some progress in the yard.  Ever since moving to this house, I've had high hopes for gardening, but have never been able to make it materialize.  Vivian is finally at a good age for going outside with me and either helping with whatever I'm doing or keeping herself busy with something else.  Thanks to this I've already been able to do way more work in the backyard this year than I've ever been able to before.
  • That wonderful time of year when you need neither the air conditioner nor the furnace.
  • Not having to wear socks anymore.


lisaampraill said...

You forgot to mention being barked at!

lisaampraill said...
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ashlie said...

Bahaha - yes, being barked at was definitely a highlight! The pedestrian signal was on the way to your house though!