Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Recent Thrifting Finds

Sometimes I don't have much luck out thrifting.  I might find one or two cool little things, but not enough for a whole post or anything.  So instead I save up all those little bits and pieces until I cobble together something for you guys.

Here's what I've cobbled.

I found this little wooden stool at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $4, perfect for Vivian to use to brush her teeth.  Why is it that toddlers have such a compulsive need to wash their hands and/or brush their teeth?

I found this vintage Air Canada bag at One Man's Treasures for $5.  I couldn't resist, even though I don't really have any need for it.  Maybe I'll be a stewardess for Halloween.

A brass snail to hang out with my brass mouse.  He came from Talize and was $2 I think.

I found another one of my bowling glasses.  This one is in pretty rough shape though - it's almost all faded off.  Damn dishwashers.  I knew if I didn't grab it though, I would probably never come across another mug like it.  Hopefully I can find some more like this in better condition!  I think it was $1 at Talize.

This beauty isn't really a thrifting find, I got it at Heist.  I got it on sale for $35, which is a lot for me!  I love it though, don't regret it a bit!

Also in the basement is this chair I got off Kijiji for $20.  The cushions aren't anything special, but I'd love to have it reupholstered one day since I love the vintage wooden frame so much.

Don't mind the cat hair on it.  I didn't get all fancy for these pictures or anything.

Nothing else really of note lately - except that I have been having really good luck with books at thrift stores lately.  I was at Talize the one day and there were a whole bunch of Chuck Palahniuk books (which I left for someone else since I have them all) and I got some Chuck Klosterman, George Carlin, Nick Hornby and Douglas Coupland.  Way better than the usual dog-eared copies of Harlequin romances!

You guys find anything good lately?  It's getting to be yard sale season - it's town wide yard sales here in Strathroy the last weekend in May, and then my favourite Kilworth yard sales are the Saturday of Father's Day weekend!  Can't wait!

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