Thursday, 16 May 2013

Outfit of the Day - One Outfit, Two Pairs of Shoes

My beloved Aldo sandals have finally died.  Four summers ago I made the decision to stop buying cheapo sandals that would just fall apart at the end of the summer and instead opt for one pair of expensive sandals and wear them to death.  The pair I chose were about $50 and worth every penny.  But now they've died and I had to find something new.  Of course, Aldo didn't have anything that I liked, so I went with these flats from Old Navy.

They're okay.  They'll do the trick for now, but I'm hoping to find a nicer, more expensive pair that will last me for another four summers or so.

On the day I bought those sandals and took these pictures though, I started out wearing my new beige wedges.  I took a closer up picture of them for you.

The picture isn't upside down, I was just holding my foot up and taking the picture myself.

They're really comfortable, but I can't drive in them so I'm constantly having to take them on and off and it drives me crazy.  So when I bought the flats on my lunch break, I switched it up for the drive home.  So I took pictures in both pairs of shoes to show the difference.

See, that's why girls wear heels.  Everything looks better!  Your legs are all flexed and look nicer, lifts your butt, just makes everything a little bit nicer.

If only I could drive in them.

Oh and the skirt is newish and pretty comfortable - except I wish it was more structured.  It has a weird little loose waist that doesn't give me the nice flattening action that I usually look for in a skirt.  Whatever, it's still cute.

Skirt and top - Smart Set
Sandals - Old Navy
Wedges - Aldo

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