Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Multipurpose Booze

I stopped in at Michaels the other day to kill some time and wander.  I checked out the clearance section and found a nice, big shadowbox (the opening is about 13.5 by 10.5 inches).  Now shadowboxes are always super pricey, so I'm always on the lookout for cheap clearance section ones.  So when I saw this sticker...

I thought - awesome!  A big shadowbox for under $8?  Sold.

So up to the counter I went (didn't find anything else) and the girl rang it up and told me the total was $2.81. I was confused, and suddenly feeling stupid for having to pay with a debit card, so I asked if she was sure.  Yup, that was $2.49, not $7.49.  Amazing!

So here I was with a shadowbox and wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  Here's the whole thing - the only problem with it was that there wasn't any kind of nice background to it, just the back of the frame.  Easily fixed.

Now a long, long time ago, a cousin of mine gave me a six pack of Hawkins Amber Cider as a gift.  And I dragged that six pack around through move after move after move.  The plan was always that one day I could have it sitting at the bar that I would no doubt have in my house.  But after a few years it just started to be used a door stopper.  So I decided it was time to finally part with the cider itself, keeping the empty bottles on a shelf for my future bar.  Then I thought that I could throw together something kind of cool with the bottle caps and part of the case.

I went with my usual method of taping the shit out of some wrapping paper to make a nice backdrop, then just taped the part of the case to the middle-ish.  Of course I also used my usual method of just eyeballing everything instead of actually measuring or making sure that anything was level.  It adds charm.

For the bottle caps I used hot glue to stick pieces of cardboard to the back until I could glue the cap to the background.  Seemed to work for now - we'll see if they start dropping off eventually!

Nothing super fancy, and definitely a cheap project.  I never got to have anything with my name on it when I was a kid because of the unusual spelling of my first name, so it's nice to have something with my last name on it!

 Now I just need a bar so I can hang this up!

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