Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Very Vivian - The Easter Bunny is always creepy

Easter with Vivian was quite the success - she had a great weekend and got plenty spoiled.  In addition to hiding eggs filled with Smarties, the Easter Bunny left this for her...

 Along with a bouncy T-Rex...

 And a new tricycle.  Which she had to ride while wearing her new princess bathing suit over a shirt, of course.

After finding all of her eggs, it was time to head out to the Easter Egg Hunt in Thedford with my mom, Courtney and the kids.  It's a really nicely organized hunt - all the plastic eggs are empty, the kids get to go and pick up 5 or so, then turn them in to the Easter Bunny for their bag of candy.

It's too bad it was so cold and wet in the morning, and even more of a shame that Vivian was completely terrified by the Easter Bunny. I can't say  I blame her, but at least she got her candy out of it.

AND Vivian ended up winning a prize basket from the Easter egg hunt, so she really got spoiled.  Will you look at that sleepy face?  Can you believe she played outside for about another six hours straight after this picture was taken?

Hope you all had a great long weekend!  Now let's get back to that warm weather!

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