Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Things I didn't buy at the Strathroy Antique Mall

It was one of those perfect rainy Sundays this past weekend and I had the chance to wander around the Strathroy Antique Mall.  Full disclosure - a lot of the stuff there isn't my style, and I find a lot of it to be way overpriced.  So I didn't actually get anything this time, but I took lots of pictures to show you guys!  Lots and lots of pictures.  I'll do my best to remember prices, but no guarantees!

Loved these retro orange chairs, but they were $100 each!  The one to the right was slightly different and only $25 though.

I forgot to check the price on these lampshades, but I thought they were pretty ugly-awesome.

Okay, this is kind of weird, but I have this whole idea of having a wall full of Canadiana.  I don't know why exactly, but I keep finding myself drawn to it.  This picture of the Dionne Quintuplets was $25 I think.

They had the cutest vintage Barbie stuff - this tin kitchen was $60 I think

And this little playset was $35 I think - it all folded up into a case.

If you really wanted to spend some dough and had the right space, these stained glass windows were amazing - and like $1200 a piece.

Again with my Canadiana - a print of the old London courthouse, my favourite building in the city.  I really wanted it, but it was pretty small (like 11x14ish I think) and was $45.

Ah card catalogs.  I'm sure a few years ago places were just throwing things out.  These were $122 for the whole set of them.

See the Canadiana?  Love me a Mountie.  I love the lower one - I think these were like $25 ish each?  

I also liked this poster explaining the different military badges.

More retro chairs - there were two of these for $250 for the pair.  Yikes.

Sigh, I've always wanted shelves full of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books.  Something about those blue and yellow spines just gets to me.

Complete vintage Pyrex refrigerator set - $80.  This is why I buy my vintage Pyrex at thrift stores, not antique malls.

More of the quints!  These were old books from their birthdays, $15 each.

Teak coffee table - I just love it.  $125 I believe.

The linings on these old trunks are always so pretty!  I think this one was $120ish.

This hutch totally isn't my usual style, but something about it was just so pretty.  And see that hole in the lower right cupboard?  Because of that, this was $99.  If the right person could repair it, it would be a beautiful piece.

See, this is more my style.  Vintage with just the right amount of ugly.

I loved this little dresser - and at $49, it wasn't a bad price.  Unfortunately I already have more dressers than I need, so I couldn't justify taking it home.

Okay, these are amazing.  There's a booth with all these vintage war posters and they're fantastic.  This one is my absolute favourite.  They're pricey - this one is $235 and the other ones are all around $200.  They're big - full poster sized.  I really want one, but they are all in really cheap frames, and you would want to have them framed properly to preserve them, which would probably cost another couple hundred dollars so it's definitely an investment.  

I couldn't resist, so I took pictures of all of them to show you.  Feel free to buy me one.

Just had to take a picture of this since it's from Forest, Ontario.  Anyone know any Hambletons?  I've never heard that last name before.

I keep looking at these but just haven't picked them up yet.  They're old sketches from Vanity Fair in the late 1800s.  I like them on their own, but what makes it even better is that the one above is actually dated October 29th - my birthday!  They're $15 each, but again, they're in super cheap frames and I would want them to be matted and framed nicely.

I. Love. Picnic. Sets.  They are just so freaking cute.  I just know that if I get one though, I would never use it.  It would just sit around and be some cute thing in a closet.  I think this was like $60.

So there ya go - it's a nice antique mall if you're looking to wander around for a bit.  If you decide to go, buy me a present!


Anonymous said...


Which thrift stores do you visit to find your pyrex?

Ashlie Hawkins said...

I always have good luck at Talize and Value Village!

Audrey Lee said...

I love the strathroy antique mall! They always have great vintage retro and antique items and their prices I find are great! I hope you've taken another visit back there and found some treasures!