Monday, 15 April 2013

More Happy Things

A few more things that made me smile in the last week or so...

  • Getting a pull-through parking spot at a busy grocery store.  Bonus points - it was close to the doors and it was pouring rain.
  • Cranking the Beastie Boys on the drive home from a long day at work.
  • Finding a bunch of fun new tights on clearance at the Superstore for $2.94 a pair
  • Pulled pork poutine.  I made the mistake of ordering this once at the movies, and now I want it all the freaking time.  It's terrible and wonderful.
  • Getting new glasses and contacts.  I've realized that having Vivian around makes it incredibly hard to wear glasses all the time.  Between swimming lessons, gymnastics and just generally playing around, my glasses are constantly getting in the way.  So I've gone back to contacts for most of the time, but also ordered a new pair of awesome glasses.  I've gone full-out hipster this time - except that they're Versace frames.  Because nothing says "hipster" like Versace.
  • Surprise parties!  I've been to two surprise parties in the last two weeks and they were both super fun and were for super-awesome people.
  • Raspberries.  I'm a total hibernator.  In the winter I'm all about hanging out on the couch and eating carbs.  By the time spring rolls around I get insane cravings for fresh fruit and veggies and get like three times the energy.  I bought some raspberries the other day thinking that Vivian might like to snack on them.  She doesn't like to eat them, but I can't stop eating them.  We did both enjoy putting them on our finger tips and pretending to be E.T. though.
  • Finding an awesome gift for a friend.
  • The new Louis C.K. special - loved it!
  • Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons and Queen of Badassery

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