Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Very Vivian - Making Sense

I have long suspected that Vivian has some sensory issues, and we're finally getting some confirmation on that front.  Back in January I took her to see a speech therapist.  Her speech didn't seem to be coming along quite as well as it should have been, and the speech therapist confirmed that she was a little behind.  Nothing major, but just not quite where she should have been.  While we were there I mentioned that I thought she had some sensory issues, so she got us set up with a referral to an occupational therapist.  After an initial consultation on the phone and completing a questionnaire, it looks like yes, Vivian has some sensory issues.  Mainly, she's a sensory seeker.  This explains why she's drawn to strong flavours, hot water, strong movements, rough playing, rocking, all kinds of things.  When you put all the pieces together, it really starts to make sense.

So where do we go from here?  I'm waiting for our first appointment with an occupational therapist.  It will just be a lot of figuring out tactics to help give Vivian the kind of activity she needs.  I really think that getting her the kind of physical stimulation she needs will help with her eating and sleeping and just generally make her happier and easier to predict.  I don't see it as being any kind of a big deal at all, it's just something different about her.  And I would rather look into things now and understand how to help her rather than let it go and all of a sudden she's 7 and her teacher is saying that she isn't doing well in class because she can sit still and can't focus.  Looking at it and understanding it now will mean that we'll be able to help her as she goes and manage things before they start being problems.

Anyone else have kids dealing with sensory issues?  I have to say, I'm really excited to find things that work for her - I'm hoping to get her into gymnastics soon, and rock climbing when she gets older.  Finding different toys and activities to give her the stimulation she needs is going to be exciting!

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