Monday, 4 March 2013

Very Vivian - Like Mike (Tyson, of course)

So about that thing on Vivian's face.  

It got worse this week.  Every time I think it's getting better, she seems to make it worse.  Last Monday I picked her up from daycare and she had blood on her shirt.  She pointed to her face, "Mommy, ow.".  

We barely made it down the street before she was crying again because she'd picked it open.  I stopped at the drug store and talked to the pharmacist.  He said that really the only thing to try would be a liquid bandage kind of thing.  

On her face.  Without getting it into her eyes or mouth.  And without getting the fumes in her eyes.

So I got it.  I figured if I could just keep her from picking at it for a few days it would heal.  I got her home, pinned her down, got the stuff on her face and continued to pin her down while I blew in her face to get it to dry.  Super fun times with a 2 year old.

The next morning was the same routine before daycare.  I picked her up that evening to see that she had managed to tear it open again.  The liquid bandage seemed to make it worse, because then she was compulsively picking to get that off, then picking the sore open.  

So we went home that night and I tried to think of other options.  I tried talking to her, but she doesn't understand things like that yet.  I can't bargain with her and promise a reward for leaving it alone or anything.

So I tried the only thing I could think of - I put tattoos on her face.

My theory was that either she would pick at the tattoos instead of her face, or she wouldn't want to pick at her face because now Buzz Lightyear and Cinderella are on her.  It seemed like kind of a long-shot, but it's actually working!  I haven't seen her rip it open since last week and I think if we just get through a few more days of me slapping Polysporin on her face every time I look at her, we'll be in the clear.

I just had to include this video, if only for that look she gives me.  It's a lot of attitude in a little body.

So that's the latest Vivian adventure - anyone else have any creative tips for healing wounds on toddlers?  My next step was going to be putting nail polish on her to see if she would pick at that instead. 

After that she was going to get a dog cone.

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