Friday, 29 March 2013

Very Vivian - Happy Easter

It's Easter weekend!  And after a very, very long week I am super pumped to have a four day weekend.  The weather finally starting to come around is just the icing on the cake!  To get ready for Easter, Vivian and I did some egg decorating last week.  In typical fashion, I just bought a kit without reading it, and so didn't realize that I needed vinegar for the dye.  So it was a couple of outings before we managed to be ready.  Some of the packages also said to hard boil the eggs, which surprised me.  When I was a kid, we always did the whole deal of poking a hole in the top and bottom and then blowing the yolk and white out.  Is that not a thing anymore?  We did it both ways, and although the eggs didn't turn out to be the prettiest, Vivian did enjoy herself and was super proud.

The Easter Bunny will be bringing Vivian a tricycle, a new bathing suit, a new movie, and some shovels, rakes, and buckets to help out in the garden.  When I was growing up, the Easter Bunny always brought an outside toy and an outfit along with candy so that's what he'll be bringing Vivian too.  Although I'm pretty sure it was more about just giving us something to play with outside to get us out of mom's way, and that we needed new clothes for the spring/summer anyway.  It's hard not to go overboard with Vivian at Easter, it's so long until December for her birthday/Christmas, so it's nice to get her something special for this holiday.

Here's a little peek at the egg process with Vivian - she became quite distressed when she dropped and egg and the cat, Fender (who she calls Gogo) got too close to it.

I hope everyone enjoys the lovely holiday weekend!  I'll be trying not to eat too much of Vivian's chocolate!

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