Monday, 11 March 2013

Party in this crib!

On Thursday I finally had a chance to stop in at the new (ish) Bibles for Missions Thrift Store in London.  It's right at the corner of Fanshawe Park Road and Hyde Park Road if you're interested.  I really like the BFM stores because they are super duper clean.  Those little old ladies sure know how to do it.  Everything in the store is spotless, and the store is really bright and clean and wide open - I highly recommend it.

So I went in thinking that I wouldn't get anything - I'd just see what I could see.  Of course I ended up finding a bunch of stuff that I couldn't say no to.

First up - I found two more of my leather rim glasses!  Remember the set of four I got from Heist last summer?  I found two more to bring my set up to 6!  And these ones were only 50 cents each!

Continuing my glassware obsession, I found this unicorn shotglass for 50 cents.  Who doesn't need a unicorn shotglass? 

And to go with my unicorn shotglass?  A big brass unicorn!  I almost didn't get this guy, but I just couldn't resist him going with my shotglass.  He was $7, and I've been hanging my keys on his horn, as you do.

But my big score of the day?  A wooden doll cradle for $5.

See, back in December I had this fantastic idea that I would build Vivian a doll cradle for Christmas, and make one for Blair too while I was at it.  You know, because I'm an expert woodworker.  So I found some plans online and was all set to go.  Then I couldn't get the wood cut at Lowe's.  Then getting wood cut at Home Depot was going to be insanely expensive.  Then I had someone who was going to get the wood cut for me, but the wood ended up being so expensive that it would have been cheaper to just buy a pre-made cradle and be done with it.  So instead of spending an insane amount on wood, and no doubt ending up losing a finger in the process, I just left the idea behind.  So when I saw this sitting in the corner at the thrift store, I pretty much tackled it.

It isn't the prettiest thing ever - it's oddly wide, so it doesn't really rock.  Nothing like a triple-wide cradle!  Princess party in the crib!  It's a weird grey colour and there are visible scews everywhere, but who cares, it was $5!  I'll throw a coat of paint on it when I get around to it (probably just using some more of my Benjamin Moore Pre-Dawn Sky to match Vivian's school desk and stuff) and then it will be good as new!  Oh, and that blanket in there was a blanket I started knitting ages ago for a friend's baby.  But that baby is like 3 years old now, and the blanket still wasn't done (knitting a blanket is the WORST) so I cut my losses and just called it a doll blanket.

So there ya go not bad, right?  You guys find any good thrifting finds lately?  Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'm looking forward to yard sale season!  Kilworth yard sales in June!

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