Monday, 18 March 2013

Painty McPainterson

Ahh, nothing like a productive weekend.  I finally, finally was able to get the basement painted!  So incredibly exciting.  It didn't even take as long as I thought - not having to work around much furniture and not having to worry about slopping on the floor really made it a quick job.  I went with "Vanity" by Olympic. Originally, I wanted something darker, but at the last minute I changed my mind because I was worried that it would be too dark.  This colour definitely darkens things, but it's not extreme - just makes it nice and cozy.  It looks a little greener in most of these pictures, in real life it's a pretty true blue.

In that picture above on the right side is a pretty true depiction of the colour.  And yes, all those crates were moved so the wall behind it could be painted.

So now here's my question - I left the bulkhead white because I was hoping that it would blend in with the ceiling, rather than having a big blue stripe down the room.  But I think that it actually stands out more now - especially in weird spots like this where there's just a few inches between the wall and the bulkhead.

Evidence of my sloppy, sloppy painting...

The other weird thing about this paint job, and the reason why it feels unfinished still is the weird stairs part.  See, the previous owners have the landing of the stairs painted this soft green colour, and had very definite lines where they stopped painting and left the basement just the primed drywall.  So because I don't have a ladder to stand on the stairs and paint all the way to the ceiling, I just followed their lines.  The problem with this is that it makes the bulkhead look even weirder - see that white band there?  And the whole thing is just messed up.

Eventually the whole stairway/landing area will be the same blue (I have lots of paint leftover, so it won't be a problem).  I might get started and paint whatever I can reach and just leave the high parts on the stairs for when I can get my hands on a ladder that will work on the stairs or something.

Also, since I already had the painting stuff out I thought I would throw a coat on Vivian's cradle.  I decided to use some leftover paint from the bathroom (Ocean Liner by the Sarah Richardson Para Paints line) instead of the Pre-Dawn Sky colour by Benjamin Moore that I usually use on her stuff (you can see it on her desk to the left of the picture there).  Nothing fancy, just a couple quick coats to freshen it up and make it last.

So that was my weekend - nice and productive, even though there were other things I should have been doing, it definitely feels good to get this one checked off of the list!

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