Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Outfit of the Day - Business as Usual

Haven't been doing many Outfit of the Days lately - just haven't been wearing anything interesting!  This winter has stretched on quite long enough and I'm ready to start mixing it up with some summery stuff.  I thought this outfit from the other day was a little interesting and fun though, so why not throw it on here?

Nothing fancy, but I've been doing this a lot lately - kind of basic black/grey outfit with colourful tights.  And I've been wearing these ankle boots a lot lately.  Not sure why I didn't wear them as much in the winter, but I think even though they're more of a wintery boot I'll be able to take them into spring with dresses and even bare legs.

The light is always brutal in Vivian's room and things never look right, so I tried taking pictures in the master bedroom, but then I have to stand so close to the mirror that I can't fit my whole self in.  So I promise I'm not trying to be all posey-poser in these pictures, I'm just literally trying to bend myself so that I can fit in the picture and still be standing up.

I couldn't remember if I'd done a post with these boots or not, so I tried to take a picture of them.  They're grey ankle boots that are kind of corduroy-y.  I got them on clearance, and they're really nice to mix in with things.

Boots - Aldo
Tights - Smart Set
Skirt - Zellers
Top - Smart Set

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