Friday, 29 March 2013

Very Vivian - Happy Easter

It's Easter weekend!  And after a very, very long week I am super pumped to have a four day weekend.  The weather finally starting to come around is just the icing on the cake!  To get ready for Easter, Vivian and I did some egg decorating last week.  In typical fashion, I just bought a kit without reading it, and so didn't realize that I needed vinegar for the dye.  So it was a couple of outings before we managed to be ready.  Some of the packages also said to hard boil the eggs, which surprised me.  When I was a kid, we always did the whole deal of poking a hole in the top and bottom and then blowing the yolk and white out.  Is that not a thing anymore?  We did it both ways, and although the eggs didn't turn out to be the prettiest, Vivian did enjoy herself and was super proud.

The Easter Bunny will be bringing Vivian a tricycle, a new bathing suit, a new movie, and some shovels, rakes, and buckets to help out in the garden.  When I was growing up, the Easter Bunny always brought an outside toy and an outfit along with candy so that's what he'll be bringing Vivian too.  Although I'm pretty sure it was more about just giving us something to play with outside to get us out of mom's way, and that we needed new clothes for the spring/summer anyway.  It's hard not to go overboard with Vivian at Easter, it's so long until December for her birthday/Christmas, so it's nice to get her something special for this holiday.

Here's a little peek at the egg process with Vivian - she became quite distressed when she dropped and egg and the cat, Fender (who she calls Gogo) got too close to it.

I hope everyone enjoys the lovely holiday weekend!  I'll be trying not to eat too much of Vivian's chocolate!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Very Vivian - Making Sense

I have long suspected that Vivian has some sensory issues, and we're finally getting some confirmation on that front.  Back in January I took her to see a speech therapist.  Her speech didn't seem to be coming along quite as well as it should have been, and the speech therapist confirmed that she was a little behind.  Nothing major, but just not quite where she should have been.  While we were there I mentioned that I thought she had some sensory issues, so she got us set up with a referral to an occupational therapist.  After an initial consultation on the phone and completing a questionnaire, it looks like yes, Vivian has some sensory issues.  Mainly, she's a sensory seeker.  This explains why she's drawn to strong flavours, hot water, strong movements, rough playing, rocking, all kinds of things.  When you put all the pieces together, it really starts to make sense.

So where do we go from here?  I'm waiting for our first appointment with an occupational therapist.  It will just be a lot of figuring out tactics to help give Vivian the kind of activity she needs.  I really think that getting her the kind of physical stimulation she needs will help with her eating and sleeping and just generally make her happier and easier to predict.  I don't see it as being any kind of a big deal at all, it's just something different about her.  And I would rather look into things now and understand how to help her rather than let it go and all of a sudden she's 7 and her teacher is saying that she isn't doing well in class because she can sit still and can't focus.  Looking at it and understanding it now will mean that we'll be able to help her as she goes and manage things before they start being problems.

Anyone else have kids dealing with sensory issues?  I have to say, I'm really excited to find things that work for her - I'm hoping to get her into gymnastics soon, and rock climbing when she gets older.  Finding different toys and activities to give her the stimulation she needs is going to be exciting!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Outfit of the Day - Business as Usual

Haven't been doing many Outfit of the Days lately - just haven't been wearing anything interesting!  This winter has stretched on quite long enough and I'm ready to start mixing it up with some summery stuff.  I thought this outfit from the other day was a little interesting and fun though, so why not throw it on here?

Nothing fancy, but I've been doing this a lot lately - kind of basic black/grey outfit with colourful tights.  And I've been wearing these ankle boots a lot lately.  Not sure why I didn't wear them as much in the winter, but I think even though they're more of a wintery boot I'll be able to take them into spring with dresses and even bare legs.

The light is always brutal in Vivian's room and things never look right, so I tried taking pictures in the master bedroom, but then I have to stand so close to the mirror that I can't fit my whole self in.  So I promise I'm not trying to be all posey-poser in these pictures, I'm just literally trying to bend myself so that I can fit in the picture and still be standing up.

I couldn't remember if I'd done a post with these boots or not, so I tried to take a picture of them.  They're grey ankle boots that are kind of corduroy-y.  I got them on clearance, and they're really nice to mix in with things.

Boots - Aldo
Tights - Smart Set
Skirt - Zellers
Top - Smart Set

Monday, 18 March 2013

Painty McPainterson

Ahh, nothing like a productive weekend.  I finally, finally was able to get the basement painted!  So incredibly exciting.  It didn't even take as long as I thought - not having to work around much furniture and not having to worry about slopping on the floor really made it a quick job.  I went with "Vanity" by Olympic. Originally, I wanted something darker, but at the last minute I changed my mind because I was worried that it would be too dark.  This colour definitely darkens things, but it's not extreme - just makes it nice and cozy.  It looks a little greener in most of these pictures, in real life it's a pretty true blue.

In that picture above on the right side is a pretty true depiction of the colour.  And yes, all those crates were moved so the wall behind it could be painted.

So now here's my question - I left the bulkhead white because I was hoping that it would blend in with the ceiling, rather than having a big blue stripe down the room.  But I think that it actually stands out more now - especially in weird spots like this where there's just a few inches between the wall and the bulkhead.

Evidence of my sloppy, sloppy painting...

The other weird thing about this paint job, and the reason why it feels unfinished still is the weird stairs part.  See, the previous owners have the landing of the stairs painted this soft green colour, and had very definite lines where they stopped painting and left the basement just the primed drywall.  So because I don't have a ladder to stand on the stairs and paint all the way to the ceiling, I just followed their lines.  The problem with this is that it makes the bulkhead look even weirder - see that white band there?  And the whole thing is just messed up.

Eventually the whole stairway/landing area will be the same blue (I have lots of paint leftover, so it won't be a problem).  I might get started and paint whatever I can reach and just leave the high parts on the stairs for when I can get my hands on a ladder that will work on the stairs or something.

Also, since I already had the painting stuff out I thought I would throw a coat on Vivian's cradle.  I decided to use some leftover paint from the bathroom (Ocean Liner by the Sarah Richardson Para Paints line) instead of the Pre-Dawn Sky colour by Benjamin Moore that I usually use on her stuff (you can see it on her desk to the left of the picture there).  Nothing fancy, just a couple quick coats to freshen it up and make it last.

So that was my weekend - nice and productive, even though there were other things I should have been doing, it definitely feels good to get this one checked off of the list!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Somebody's gotta nail that girl's fins to the floor

So over in the Disneyland that has become my living room, Vivian has begun to learn that all of these Disney Princesses have movies attached to them.  So we've been on a pretty steady rotation of Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, and now The Little Mermaid.  (She asks for the Belle movie and Aurora movie constantly, but we haven't gotten them yet.)  Now, I can't say that I mind it too much, especially since she started watching The Little Mermaid.  I mean, The Little Mermaid is pretty much awesome, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent part of my childhood pretending that I had a tail instead of legs and brushing my hair with a fork.  But watching that movie now, as an adult makes me see it just a little bit differently, so now you get one of my overthinking rants.

Okay - even as a kid the whole premise of the movie kind of annoyed me.  I mean, Ariel, dude.  You're a freaking MERMAID.  That's pretty much the coolest thing that you can be of anything ever.  Your hair always looks awesome, you're a princess, you have no bills, you apparently don't go to school or anything (although maybe that's because she's 16, she's not a child!)  YOUR LIFE IS AWESOME.  Listen to the rastafarian crab - It's hotter under the water!  Then you stare at this guy on a boat like a total stalker and then spend literally about 30 seconds with him on a beach and you're ready to give up your entire life?  Mermaids are cooler than humans.  End of story.

Secondly - I'm sorry, but is Ariel illiterate or something?  She reads and signs a contract with Ursula, but then can't spend some time to write Eric a freaking note to explain why she doesn't have a voice?  She doesn't even have to tell him the whole crazy backstory, just be like, "Yo, I lost my voice, but I'm totes that girl on the beach from before.  Do you like me?  Check Yes, No, Maybe."  Although maybe you could go into the whole backstory, since Eric doesn't seem to be phased AT ALL when she turns back into a mermaid on the boat.  Whatevs.

I would much rather watch the Hipster Ariel movie, what about you guys?

Monday, 11 March 2013

Party in this crib!

On Thursday I finally had a chance to stop in at the new (ish) Bibles for Missions Thrift Store in London.  It's right at the corner of Fanshawe Park Road and Hyde Park Road if you're interested.  I really like the BFM stores because they are super duper clean.  Those little old ladies sure know how to do it.  Everything in the store is spotless, and the store is really bright and clean and wide open - I highly recommend it.

So I went in thinking that I wouldn't get anything - I'd just see what I could see.  Of course I ended up finding a bunch of stuff that I couldn't say no to.

First up - I found two more of my leather rim glasses!  Remember the set of four I got from Heist last summer?  I found two more to bring my set up to 6!  And these ones were only 50 cents each!

Continuing my glassware obsession, I found this unicorn shotglass for 50 cents.  Who doesn't need a unicorn shotglass? 

And to go with my unicorn shotglass?  A big brass unicorn!  I almost didn't get this guy, but I just couldn't resist him going with my shotglass.  He was $7, and I've been hanging my keys on his horn, as you do.

But my big score of the day?  A wooden doll cradle for $5.

See, back in December I had this fantastic idea that I would build Vivian a doll cradle for Christmas, and make one for Blair too while I was at it.  You know, because I'm an expert woodworker.  So I found some plans online and was all set to go.  Then I couldn't get the wood cut at Lowe's.  Then getting wood cut at Home Depot was going to be insanely expensive.  Then I had someone who was going to get the wood cut for me, but the wood ended up being so expensive that it would have been cheaper to just buy a pre-made cradle and be done with it.  So instead of spending an insane amount on wood, and no doubt ending up losing a finger in the process, I just left the idea behind.  So when I saw this sitting in the corner at the thrift store, I pretty much tackled it.

It isn't the prettiest thing ever - it's oddly wide, so it doesn't really rock.  Nothing like a triple-wide cradle!  Princess party in the crib!  It's a weird grey colour and there are visible scews everywhere, but who cares, it was $5!  I'll throw a coat of paint on it when I get around to it (probably just using some more of my Benjamin Moore Pre-Dawn Sky to match Vivian's school desk and stuff) and then it will be good as new!  Oh, and that blanket in there was a blanket I started knitting ages ago for a friend's baby.  But that baby is like 3 years old now, and the blanket still wasn't done (knitting a blanket is the WORST) so I cut my losses and just called it a doll blanket.

So there ya go not bad, right?  You guys find any good thrifting finds lately?  Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'm looking forward to yard sale season!  Kilworth yard sales in June!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Very Vivian - Like Mike (Tyson, of course)

So about that thing on Vivian's face.  

It got worse this week.  Every time I think it's getting better, she seems to make it worse.  Last Monday I picked her up from daycare and she had blood on her shirt.  She pointed to her face, "Mommy, ow.".  

We barely made it down the street before she was crying again because she'd picked it open.  I stopped at the drug store and talked to the pharmacist.  He said that really the only thing to try would be a liquid bandage kind of thing.  

On her face.  Without getting it into her eyes or mouth.  And without getting the fumes in her eyes.

So I got it.  I figured if I could just keep her from picking at it for a few days it would heal.  I got her home, pinned her down, got the stuff on her face and continued to pin her down while I blew in her face to get it to dry.  Super fun times with a 2 year old.

The next morning was the same routine before daycare.  I picked her up that evening to see that she had managed to tear it open again.  The liquid bandage seemed to make it worse, because then she was compulsively picking to get that off, then picking the sore open.  

So we went home that night and I tried to think of other options.  I tried talking to her, but she doesn't understand things like that yet.  I can't bargain with her and promise a reward for leaving it alone or anything.

So I tried the only thing I could think of - I put tattoos on her face.

My theory was that either she would pick at the tattoos instead of her face, or she wouldn't want to pick at her face because now Buzz Lightyear and Cinderella are on her.  It seemed like kind of a long-shot, but it's actually working!  I haven't seen her rip it open since last week and I think if we just get through a few more days of me slapping Polysporin on her face every time I look at her, we'll be in the clear.

I just had to include this video, if only for that look she gives me.  It's a lot of attitude in a little body.

So that's the latest Vivian adventure - anyone else have any creative tips for healing wounds on toddlers?  My next step was going to be putting nail polish on her to see if she would pick at that instead. 

After that she was going to get a dog cone.