Monday, 18 February 2013

Very Vivian - The Dora Do

Vivian has a lot of hair.  A lot.  Don't get me wrong - it's nice, and I'm glad that she has nice hair, but it's a lot of hair on a 2 year-old.  Especially on a 2 year-old who has does not enjoy having her hair washed, brushed, or put into ponytails. 

So, I'm not terribly sentimental about her hair.  She started getting haircuts when she was like 3 months old, and we haven't stopped since.  So yesterday it was time for another good chop.  She'd been running around looking like this raggamuffin for long enough...

That was her helping make the pancakes for pancake Tuesday.

Then yesterday she got this haircut...

I like to call it the Dora the Explorer haircut. 

It suits her so well - it's long enough that she still has hair, but short enough that it isn't driving her crazy all the time and I don't have to pin her down to get a brush through it in the morning.  It's right off of her neck, so it will probably stay like this for most of the summer - especially if the summer is anything like the one we had last year.

Also - that thing on her face was a tiny little bug bite or scratch or something.  But Vivian is a picker and has not left it alone, so now it's a giant ugly mark on her face that will most likely scar, if it ever even heals.  It's seriously been there for close to a month.  How do you stop a toddler from picking at her face?  Thank god she'll never go through the chicken pox.

So there you go - little baby beauty for ya.  Hit me back with any suggestions on getting that thing on her face to heal.  I'm about to tape oven mitts to her hands or something.

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Kate said...

Such a cute hair cut on her! My girls also have a lot of hair. I like Hailey's long, but I love Bri with bangs. This would be a good cut for her.