Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Big Girl

It seems to be a pretty popular thing in the blogging world to do the "big kid" room.  Maybe it's just the blogs that I follow, but it seems like everyone is jumping on this bandwagon of completely redesigning a kids room once they outgrow a crib.  Of course, a lot of this is just blog fodder and isn't necessarily for the benefit of the kid (cough, cough, Young House Love, what the hell are you doing with that room?) but of course it gets my wheels turning.

I'm in no rush to get Vivian out of her crib.  A lot of people seem to like to move kids out of their crib at around the age of 2, either because they need the crib for a second kid, or they want the change, or the kid is starting to climb out of the crib.  Vivian seems to really enjoy her crib still - even though she manages to pack it full of blankets and babies and everything else.  But, because I'm a planner, I've been thinking about what I'll do when Vivian is ready to upgrade from the crib to a bed.

Here were my options...

Convert her crib to a double bed.  Her crib is convertible, but it doesn't turn into a toddler bed, only up to a double bed.  While this is a great option, it would mean having to buy a mattress and box spring for her, and a double bed would eat up most of the floor space in her room.  Not awesome, but it will be great to have when she's older and doesn't necessarily need room to play in her room.

Use her crib mattress and just get her a new toddler bed frame.  I thought she would like having a little toddler bed because I think she would like the security.  This would also give some more mileage out of her crib mattress, which is a really good mattress.  The problem with this is that it would mean buying another piece of furniture that would pretty quickly be disposed of.

Or just upgrade her to a twin bed, since I have a daybed frame sitting around.  This would give her space to play in the room still, and would cost nothing to upgrade since it already has a good mattress on it.  It's a little high, but nothing a bed rail can't solve.

So that's my  plan - to move her up to the daybed when she's ready.  I actually just took it apart and moved it down to the basement the other day, but here's an old picture I dug up of it.

Nothing special - you know the type, that same daybed frame that seemed pretty ubiquitous back in the day.  It's a terrible picture, and the back of it isn't on there (somehow I managed to lose the hardware for that part, so I'll have to replace that) but here's a picture of one that's pretty darn similar.

Yep, all curlicues and brass and porcelain bed knobs.  Awesome.

Mine is looking a little different these days - somhow one of the bed knobs got lost over the years, and the other ones were all bent and loose, so I just removed them all.  The frame is in not awesome shape - it's pretty banged up and scratched from being moved and taken apart so many times.  So the whole thing could use some freshening up before it moves on to Vivian's room.

Of course you know that this means I want to paint it.

My first instinct is to just bling it out and spray the whole thing gold, but that might be crazy.  Like I said, this won't be happening any time soon (not if I can help it at least, Vivian can stay in a crib until she's 6 for all I care) but I might try to paint it in the spring when I can do it outside.  That way it's ready whenever she is.  I think if I wipe the whole thing down with some liquid deglosser and maybe rough it up a little bit with some steel wool or something it should take paint pretty well, but what do you think?

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