Monday, 4 February 2013

Bedroom to the Kitchen

I've always had the problem of having more art than I have walls, which had led to me having a rather large packing tube full of posters and prints that have yet to find a home.  Some of which I've had since high school and university.  If only frames weren't so pricey, I might have a better chance of getting them hung up somewhere.

But lately, this picture above my bed has been bugging me.

It's just an old print from IKEA of a San Francisco street scape - nothing fancy, just black and white.  I've always liked it, but lately it just doesn't seem quite as "me".  A little drab, a little boring, a little too typical.  So it occurred to me the other day that it might be a good frame to repurpose of something else hiding away in the office.

Enter this herb chart...

A coworker gave it to me a few years ago - I think her mother had it buried away and had no use for it.  The funny thing is, a friend of mine found the exact same one at a yard sale years ago.  I've always liked it - it's handy to have around - it lists the herbs along the top and meats along the side so you can see what pairs with what.  It has pretty graphics and a nice font and is a good size.  It was even laminated, so it's held up well being in a packing tube.

It was just a little too big for the mat in this frame, so I just stuck it in front of the mat - I'm sure that someone of you are freaking out that I would do that, but whatever.  It's also not quite exactly centered, but after years of being in a packing tube, this thing was awfully curly and I had  no patience to spend time flattening it out beyond just shoving it in the frame and closing it up.  Maybe after it's had some time to sit in there and flatten itself out I'll take it out and straighten things up.

It fits on the wall in the kitchen much better than that other art I had in there - and this gives me a chance to fix that one up since I was never really happy with it.  I like the kind of cutesy-country print in the more modern black frame - and the black helps to tie in with the black of the chalkboard backsplash.  All in all, a quick and free project that seems to have worked out pretty well!

Except that there is now a big blank space above the bed.  Might have to see what else is hiding in that packing tube!

So that was part of what I was doing instead of watching the Super Bowl yesterday.  What about you?  Any quick projects on the go?  Do you hoard art too?  In high school I had so much on my walls I even had the ceiling covered with pages ripped out of magazines.

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