Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Mailbox for Vivian in 23 Simple Steps.

It's Pinterest Challenge time again!  I've sat out on the last couple due to time/resources, but wanted to make an effort for this winter one.  Check out all the other great links at Young House Love, Bower Power, The Remodeled Life, and Decor & The Dog.

This time I thought I would try something I pinned ages ago from Ohdeeoh.  That will tell you how old this idea is, since Ohdeeoh doesn't even exist anymore and everything is on Apartment Therapy now.

Source: via Ashlie on Pinterest

Simple idea - put a mailbox in a kid's room or playroom.  I thought it could be a fun and easy place for the Tooth Fairy to access one day, as well as a place for fun treats and surprises, and maybe even Santa or the Easter Bunny can make use of it.  Easy enough, right?  Well here's how I put it together.

Step 1 - Buy the cheapest mailbox you can find at Lowes.  This one was $11.  I liked that it said "Mail" on it and looked like an envelope.

Step 2 - Decide on colour of spray paint based on what is on clearance.  Lowes had a soft pink colour on clearance for $2.48, so I was sold.

Step 3 - Rough up the glossy mailbox.  Use a wad of tinfoil if you forgot to buy deglosser or steel wool.  Hope that it works.

Step 4 - Give it a coat of spray primer.  Since it's too cold and wet to use the garage, spray paint in the basement and hope it's ventilated enough.

Step 5 - Spray it with the pink paint.

Step 6 - Repeat compulsively because you keep forgetting different parts of it to paint.

Step 7 - Realize that you won't be able to simply hang it on the wall with Command strips as originally planned, since it's recessed in the back to allow for screws.

Step 8 - Do what any normal person would do and attempt to build up the half inch gap on the back using layers of duct tape.

Step 9 - Fail miserably.

Step 10 - Realize that your brilliant plan of hanging the mailbox on the outside of the bedroom door may be more difficult than you originally planned.  (See, my theory was that the Tooth Fairy is lazy and would rather just have access to teeth from the hallway.  Also, I didn't want to have a mailbox on the wall and later have to move it because I want to rearrange furniture in the room.)

Step 11 - Consider using screws to hold the mailbox to the door.  Decide against putting holes in the door.

Step 12 - Decide to move the table at the end of the hall and hang the mailbox there instead, just outside of Vivian's door.

Step 13 - Find some random screws and put them in the wall using the handy-dandy cardboard template.

Step 14 - Neglect to use a level at any point in time.

Step 15 - Attempt to hang the mailbox, discover that the screws are too short.

Step 16 - Discover chips in the paint.  Return to spray painting.

Step 17 - Find some longer screws and put those in the wall.

Step 18 - Consider bailing on the whole thing and just eat some cake instead.

Step 19 - Realize that if you had just sprung for the $13 mailbox, it probably would have come with proper mounting hardware.

Step 20 - Finally get the mailbox hung up.

Step 21 - Realize immediately that it's not quite level, but pretty darn close.

Step 22 - Decide you no longer care.

Step 23 - Take terrible pictures.

So there - it is far from perfect, but it's easily fixed if I ever actually want to get around to it.  I debated on whether or not to put the magazine hooks on it - part of me kept envisioning kids getting caught on it or poking their eyes out with it or something.  In the end I thought it could be fun for hanging stockings at Christmas time, or for Vivian to hang her purses on or something.

In the end, I think it's a really cute idea and I'm excited to use it.  Vivian thinks it's pretty cool too - she was already tucking Barbies in there before bed.

Have you been doing any Pinterest projects lately?  As much trouble as this little project was, it was nice to do something different and creative. 

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Danielle Lehn said...

I think this is a really cute idea! and I love the pink you used its not too pink. I do have a project we are working on from pinterest but will not post anything until its done. It is however really exciting! well for me at least. Danielle

Ashley J said...

Love this idea Ashley - your ordeal sounds like every project I start in this house. I may copy you.