Tuesday, 26 February 2013

50% off day...kind of.

It was 50% off day yesterday at Value Village and Talize, so of course I had to check it out.  Turns out it was only kind of 50% off day at Value Village, but more on that later.  Stupid Value Village.

As usual, I went in without looking for anything in particular - just wanted to see what I could see, so here's what I came home with.

First up - Value Village

I usually find that Value Village is pretty overpriced for what it is, and don't make a big point of checking it out too often.  Of course this time I found a bunch of pretty great stuff.

Set of three Butterfly Gold 2 pattern vintage Pyrex mixing bowls.

This is actually my first complete set of vintage Pyrex.  I seem to find it constantly anymore at antique malls, but it's always insanely overpriced since they know people collect it.  I prefer to find pieces in thrift stores - more of a challenge that way.  This set of three was priced at $7.99.

I found this little wooden lamp base and thought it could be pretty cute.  It was priced at $4.99.

I went back and forth on this one, but eventually I decided to grab this little midcentury modernish magazine rack - I love the wooden handle.  It was $5.99.

Finally, I found some more of my bowling pin glasses.

Sorry they're so dirty - I haven't washed them yet.  I actually found four more of the tall guys, and four more of the small guys.  They were $2.99 for four glasses.

And I hadn't blogged about this before, but I also found the bowling pin ice bucket a few weeks ago at Heist for $5!  My collection now includes the ice bucket, 4 shot glasses, 10 tall glasses and 6 small glasses.  If I realized I already had 6 tall glasses at home, I probably would have left these four.  I need to start writing things like this down before I go shopping.

So those were my finds at Value Village.  It was a bit more than I usually like to spend, but I figured with it being 50% off I was doing pretty well.  Then I got to the checkout and the girl tells me that housewares aren't included in the 50% off sale.  Why?  Because they're assholes I guess.  I considered changing my mind and putting some stuff back, but in the end I just got it all anyway.  Not super impressed with Value Village though.

Then I headed to Talize - where it really was 50% off everything.  They'll definitely have my full attention for the next 50% off day.

I didn't get as much there, but I did get one pretty great item.

 Yes, I'm an annoying hipster who bought a vintage suitcase.  But look how pretty!  There were actually two of them that were almost the exact same - the only difference was that this one was a slightly more faded blue and had metal feet on the bottom, and the other one was slightly brighter with plastic feet, so I assume this is the older of the two.

It's in awesome condition and is just so pretty and PanAm blue that I couldn't resist it.  It was $7.99, but was 50% off.

No idea what I'm going to do with it.

I also had some good luck in the book section.  A little Bill Bryson, Chuck Klosterman and Douglas Coupland for $3.99 each, but of course 50% off, and I grabbed another VC Andrews for $2.99 before discount, only to realize I already have this one.  I also need to make a list of the VC Andrews and Stephen King books that I'm looking for to keep on me when I'm thrift shopping.

All in all, a pretty successful outing!  Neither place had much in the way of large scale furniture type stuff - I wonder if they're getting away from stuff like that?  Or if it's just that that stuff was picked over earlier in the day?  Seems weird.  Let me know if you've found any good steals lately!

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