Friday, 11 January 2013

Yes, I've watched Girls enough times to start noticing minute details.

Girls comes back on Sunday and I, for one, could not possibly be more excited.  I love love love this show, and you should too.

So upon one of my many (many, many) rewatches of the first season since I've gotten the Blurays, I started to notice how much I love the jewellery on the show.  A lot has been said of the clothes on the show and how they go to great lengths to make series-creator Lena Dunham took like she has no idea what she's doing when she gets dressed, but I haven't heard much about the jewellery.  And for someone like me, who is not much of a jewellery person, to notice things like this, well I thought attention should be paid.

So here's some of my favourite pieces from Season 1 of Girls, along with some links to some similar pieces on Etsy.

All of the screencaps were stolen from and some of them aren't the best quality for showing what I'm talking about, but just work with me.

In "Leave me Alone" Hannah spends much of the episode in a dainty double hoop necklace to go with her "cute top and jeans with a slim leg".

For a similar look, check out this delicate necklace., perfect for readings or fighting with your best friend.

"She Did" showed us all the girls done up in their finest for a surprise party (no spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet!)  Hannah even manages to pull an outfit together, including some sweet little starfish earrings that match her dress and her shoes - kinda.

Get your hands (or ears) on your own pair here.

The pilot introduced the ladies, and quickly established Marnie's uptight and perfectly done style.  I fell for her cute bow brooch that dresses anything up.

This vintage one is a little less blingy, but still lovely.

Marnie also sports these cameo earrings that would go with everything.  While they suit Marnie's style perfectly, I think they could also be a nice contrast for a more dressed-down look, or even a scarily hot slash amazing goth look.

Check out these vintage beauties here.

This was the necklace that really made me first take notice - Hannah's rainbow necklace from "All Adventurous Women Do".  It seems perfect for Hannah, like something that she wore when she was fully into a Lisa Frank phase when she was a kid, and then continued to wear ironically as an adult, but still secretly loved that Lisa Frank flair.

I couldn't find anything exactly the same, but I am digging this vintage unicorn or this hippie dippy rainbow pendant

What about you?  Are you as obsesssed with Girls as I am?  If you haven't seen it, come over when you have 5 hours to spare and I'll watch the whole season with you and point out all the good parts.  For reals, yo.

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