Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Very Vivian - Princess Vivian

Despite my best gender-neutral encouraging efforst, the princesses have invaded.

This is what I generally see in the morning when I wake Vivian up.

A tiny girl, awash in pillows, blankets and toys (she's a total hoarder) with princess dresses on over her pajamas.

We play with the princesses, we put on princess temporary tattoos, we watch the movies, the princesses have taken over.

So far her favourite is Cinderella, which is great because it's hilarious to hear her try to say it.  It goes a little something like, "Linlerlellelelalla".  On Saturday there's a Princess Sofia event at Chapters, so we'll be heading out for that little adventure.

I know that the princess obsession won't be burning out any time soon, so I've already started stocking up for Christmas - I got some princess wrapping paper and gift bags on clearance, and found some $5 clearance backpacks that might get tucked away for another day.

I must admit though, I take quite a bit of pride when she's wearing her princess dresses layered over her Buzz Lightyear shirt.

So, how long do I have to last with the princess thing?  Another four or five years at least? 

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